Please join us for...
The Community Discovered's
Cinema S.I.G.

Omaha Date: Saturday, November 4, 2000
- Location: The Community Discovered Office at the Community Conference Center (formerly C.E.C.), 3534 South 108th Street

Grand Island Date: November 11, 2000
- Location: Administration Building, 123 S. Webb Road

8:45 AM


Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM

Overview of History of Cinematography:
hands-on Introduction to Animation:
* Shadow Puppets
* Magic Lanterns
* Zoetrope
* Praxinoscope
* Phenakistoscope
* Flip Books
* Thaumatropes
* Split Line Illusions
Filmmaking Composition and Concepts
IMovie Review
Museum and Artist Connections
Curriculum Connections

12:00 AM


12:30 - 3:00

Digital Camcorder Review
Hands on Storyboarding and Filming
Hands on iMovie Editing
Presentation of Final Films
* Depending on the number of digital camcorders available, participants will be working in teams of 2 or more to storyboard, film, edit and present a 2 to 4 minute video. All participants will have an opportunity to work with each component of this process.

Who is eligible to attend?

- Any CD participant
- Any CD partner
- Any guest of a participant or partner
......((CD participants and partners may each bring one guest)

What do participants need to bring?

- Wear old clothes - be an artist!
- If possible, bring your district's digital camcorder, with battery charged. Also bring a blank tape and your firewire cable.
- Bring your district's Mavica camera, battery charged, with a blank disk if you would like to include special titles in iMovie.
- Bring the blue CD ROM case you received last spring.

**Important!! Participants need to know which version of iMovie they will be using in their district/school. (version 1 or 2) They should also complete the iMovie tutorial that comes with iMovie before attending the SIG (the one where the dog Laddie gets a bath). This will familiarize you with the basic features of the iMovie interface.

Participants in the Cinema S.I.G. will receive:

- Continental breakfast
- Lunch
- A CD-ROM containing the history of cinematography HyperStudio stack and photography URL's
- Hands-on art ideas handouts and samples to make
- Curriculum ideas handouts
- Technology handouts, including information on converting iMovie to Quick time
- Opportunity to learn new skills, create movies, and have fun
- Opportunity to win fabulous door prizes, as always!
In addition, those CD participants who fulfilled their commitment by June 2000, and their partners of record, will receive a $75.00 stipend for full day attendance. No travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Want to attend?

Questions? Contact Robin at:

Register Online
Deadlines to sign up:
- Omaha: October 30
- Grand Island: November 6
S.I.G.s with less than 10 people attending will be canceled.