May 2, 2001


Sixth grade students at Oakdale Elementary School ask questions of students at Westside Middle School about becoming a middle school student. The middle school students are represented by guest2 and the elementary students by Steve Bross.



Steve Bross: hello were ready!!!

guest2: Hi, my name is Amy and I attend Westside Middle School

guest2: I will hopefully be able to answer any questions you may have about next year.

Steve Bross: my name is zane. I go to oakdale

guest2: Okay, so what concerns do you have about next year?

Steve Bross: do you share a locker wuth someone else

guest2: No, we don't share lockers with anybody else and are strongly advised not to trade or share

locker codes.

Steve Bross: do they smell

guest2: Hmmm...that depends what you keep in them and who you have around you.

Steve Bross: do you have to buy you own lock

guest2: On our regular school everyday lockers, there is a combination lock built in, but in your

separate gym lockers, you have to purchase a padlock for I think $3.00

guest2: You get that money back at the end of the year if you turn it back in.

Steve Bross: i don't have that type of money

Steve Bross: there is someone who is going to join our chat

guest2: Ask your parents or talk to your gym teacher next year.

guest2: Okay.

guest2: Have you ever been in the Middle School?

Steve Bross: is the food from mcdonalds or burger king or subway or neither

guest2: I don't think either of those, but they do sometimes have Arby's or Taco Bell, although I'm

not the person to ask, I always bring my own lunch.

Steve Bross: this person and me are going to alternate asking you questions

guest2: Sounds good.

Steve Bross: okalidokely

Robin Davis: my name is Pat

Steve Bross: does a key come with it

Steve Bross: is there a x-files club

guest2: A key?

Robin Davis: can you start your own club

Steve Bross: never mind that

guest2: Yes, there is an x-files club, but you have to have parental permission

Steve Bross: sorry bout the key remark

Steve Bross: what do they do

Robin Davis: can you start your own club

guest2: We have club meetings around once a month and I'm not aware of it if you can start your

own club.

Steve Bross: bummer

Robin Davis: bummmmmmmer

guest2: But you should ask next year if you have a good and appropriate idea.

Steve Bross: in cooking do you get to eat what you make

guest2: Hmm... Do you mean life-lab? In life-lab if you take the cooking courses, yes you get to eat

the food.

Steve Bross: awsome

Robin Davis: do you have to take art

Steve Bross: what do you do in homeroom

Robin Davis: do you have to take guidence

guest2: Yes, you take art

guest2: The teacher, Ms. Workman, is very nice and the class is pretty fun.

Robin Davis: is there a dragonballz club

Robin Davis: is it easy to make friends

guest2: In homeroom, you hear announcements, talk with kids, sometimes go to intramurals (sports

between homerooms) and go to Social Skills to learn rules

guest2: Dragonballz? Nope.

Steve Bross: do we play fun games in P.E.

guest2: I found that my closest friends were still those i went to elementary school with, but I have

other friends.

Robin Davis: what game are you playing in PE right now

guest2: In PE, we are currently playing softball

Steve Bross: How long is it

Robin Davis: what club/s are you in

guest2: Next year you will have Mr. Glanzer or Mr. Gosnell, I think. You'

guest2: You're both guys right?

Robin Davis: yes

guest2: I am in the board games club

Steve Bross: okileydokiley

Robin Davis: allrighty

guest2: Okay, yeah you'll have Glanzer or Gosnell, Jensen is the girl's teacher

Robin Davis: do you like sports

Steve Bross: is there competitive hockey in P.E.

guest2: We played hockey for about 2 week in eighth grade, but I'm not sure if we played it in 7th.

Robin Davis: what is the best class in your opinion?

guest2: There is no hockey team either.

Robin Davis: is there a soccer team

guest2: Well, my favorite class last year was science because I had a really nice and fun teacher.

guest2: The hardest class for me last year was speech.

Robin Davis: please tell me there is a soccer team

guest2: This year, my hardest class is math and my favorite is still science.

Robin Davis: You rule math rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guest2: There is a soccer club, but not a soccer team that competes between schools.

Robin Davis: that stinks

Steve Bross: do you have a clean locker

Robin Davis: no

guest2: Yeah, I do, but most people don't

Robin Davis: do you take the bus

guest2: Oh, the other really good class I have is band.

guest2: No, i don't take the bus. My parents pick me up.

Robin Davis: both of us are guys just in case you didnt know

guest2: Yeah, I know.

Steve Bross: good

Robin Davis: is your last name peterson

guest2: Nope.\

Robin Davis: sorry

Steve Bross: how big are the lockers

Robin Davis: how long is homeroom?

guest2: The lockers are half lockers, so they're about the size of a computer tower, if you know

what I'm talking about.

Steve Bross: Peace out

Robin Davis: Signing off Justin/ peace out!!!!!!!!!!

guest2: Okay

Steve Bross: I have to leave

Robin Davis: goodbye

guest2: Have a good year next year

Steve Bross: Our next group is on the way. Hang in there!

guest2: OKay

Robin Davis: hi, were here

Steve Bross: Hi were here

guest2: hey~My name is Kate

Robin Davis: hello, we are michael, pat, and brianne

guest2: hello Micheal, pat and brianne

Robin Davis: what is your favorite class at the middle school?

Steve Bross: Hi this is Kelly Grant Adna Ashton

guest2: my favorite class is hmmmm...

guest2: Art

Steve Bross: How is the middle school

guest2: but Science is close 2nd

Robin Davis: i loveart too

guest2: it's awesome!! I love it

Robin Davis: love art *

guest2: cool!

Steve Bross: Are the teachers nice

Robin Davis: what are the math classes like?

guest2: depends on the teachers you have but they are all nice some are just nicer than others

guest2: wel, they have different levels of math

Steve Bross: Are they strict

Robin Davis: oh, which level are you in?

guest2: some are but most aren't

guest2: I'm an 8th grader and I'm in Algebra

Steve Bross: Carrie and Kelly are in PreAlgrabra this year and will be in aglrabra this year

Steve Bross: next year*

Robin Davis: what is it like, is the stuff hard there?

guest2: like what stuff?

Steve Bross: the homework...

Robin Davis: like algebra

guest2: Algebra is a tough course but there are easy parts

guest2: homework is decent in 7th grade but you get more in 8th

Steve Bross: can seventh graders go out for 8th grade sports

Robin Davis: what kinds of food is there in lunch

guest2: no~but their sportsare the same

guest2: they have Pizza Hut, Arbys and Taco Bell

Robin Davis: yumm

guest2: and french fries on Wednesday

Robin Davis: do you get to pick who you sit by at lunch?

Robin Davis: or is there the seating arrangement?

guest2: for the first couple weeks you have to sit with your class but

guest2: after that you can sit wherever

Robin Davis: kewl

Steve Bross: Do you get to have PE everyday

guest2: for seventh graders it's every odd day but for 8th it's every other day

Robin Davis: Do you have to wear a uniform in P.E?

guest2: *yeppers*

Steve Bross: What's homeroom what do you do?

Robin Davis: what do you wear?

guest2: well, homeroom here is ~Discovery~ and you basically do the same homerom stuff you do

Steve Bross: like...

guest2: grey shirts and black shorts

guest2: all very big

guest2: sometimes you study, watch movies, play games with other homerooms

Robin Davis: what kind of sports are you in?

Steve Bross: Oh that sounds like fun

guest2: I'm in volleyball, basketball

Steve Bross: w

Robin Davis: cool!!

Robin Davis: do you like it?

Steve Bross: what elemetary school did you come from?

guest2: yeah~it's tons of fun

Steve Bross: What sports can girls play?

guest2: I went to a private school~Montessori school

Steve Bross: are you a guy or a girl?

guest2: girls can play Basketball, volleyball, track, football, wrestling

guest2: I'm a girl

Robin Davis: Have you ever played football?

guest2: no becuase the guys are big

Robin Davis: Oh okay!!

guest2: they scare me ~lol~

Steve Bross: can 7th graders only play intermerals? Can you play with the 8th graders?

guest2: but one girl did this year

guest2: no you can't play ith 8th graders...only intermurals and some tournaments

Robin Davis: What kinds of pranks do the other kids pull on you

guest2: I haven't eally had pranks pulled on me

guest2: really*

Steve Bross: What is the best language to take???

guest2: ~~~SPANISH~~~~

Steve Bross: Is that what u take???

guest2: of course

Robin Davis: Is the principal nice

Steve Bross: what are the dances like????

guest2: yea~ she's cuper nice

guest2: super*

guest2: the dances are fun~ I only went to one in 7th grade

Robin Davis: why?

guest2: loud music, hot, mostly hawaiian

Steve Bross: do you not like them?

guest2: becuase I had no one to take me

guest2: I like dances but they are no fun by yourself

Robin Davis: what is the name of the football team?

Steve Bross: ohhh that's so sad

guest2: *sad face*

guest2: Warriors

Robin Davis: kewl

Steve Bross: yeah

Steve Bross: do u think the dances are fun??

guest2: yeah

guest2: they are lots of fun

Steve Bross: What's your name

Robin Davis: do boys HAVE to join the football team, if so, what grade?

guest2: especially with friends

guest2: Kate

Steve Bross: last name?

guest2: no they don't have to

Steve Bross: what sports can girls play

Robin Davis: k

guest2: sorry...can't tell you...this is being posted on the internet

Steve Bross: ok

Steve Bross: What sports can girls play

guest2: the cna play anything boys can

guest2: can*

Robin Davis: what happens if you fall asleep in class?

Robin Davis: are the girls hot?

Steve Bross: are the guys hott?

guest2: the teacher wakes you up with a squirtgun

Steve Bross: ok

guest2: don't know about the girls but some of the guys are

Steve Bross: ok

Steve Bross: we have to go thanks for talking to us

Steve Bross: bye

Robin Davis: nice talking to ya, thanks for the information, g2g

Robin Davis: ciao

Robin Davis: cya

guest2: bye~you had awesome questions

Steve Bross: bye

guest2: bye bye bye

Steve Bross: thanks and u have awesome answers

Steve Bross: byebye

Robin Davis: thanks, what about the girls though?

guest2: I don't know~I'm a girl

Steve Bross: bye

Robin Davis: i no

Robin Davis: byeee

guest2: bye


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