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Woody Dowling, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

May 17, 2000


Woody Dowling: Greetings from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

guest1: Hi, Woody! Here are the students

Woody Dowling: Good morning. Ms. Beran asked me to discuss your project.

Woody Dowling: The image on your screen is our museum.

guest1: How are you?

Woody Dowling: Please tell me your names.

guest1: Chelsea,Misty,Trevor,Josh

Woody Dowling: I'm fine, it is a nice day here in Washington, DC.

Woody Dowling: http://www.diamondbullet.com/Artrain/

Woody Dowling: Did you visit this website ?

guest1: no

Woody Dowling: This is the website for the real arttrain.

Woody Dowling: You can see that this year it is featuring art about space.

guest1: cool

guest1: what is it like

Woody Dowling: Ms. deFrey said that your art exhibits were very good and very popular at the fair.


Woody Dowling: I'm sorry, I didn't get all of your question. Please ask again.

guest1: Sorry, What is the website like?

Woody Dowling: You should be able to see the website on your computer. Can you?

guest1: yes we can

Woody Dowling: If you see it, you can use the slider bar on the right to scroll down.

Woody Dowling: You have all had some experience with developing an exhibit. Please tell me some of the

problems you had to solve.

guest1: Wireing was hard

Woody Dowling: http://photo2.si.edu/amsi/edison.gif

Woody Dowling: yes, lighting is very important

Woody Dowling: This is a picture of a museum employee installing wires for the lights in a Smithsonian exhibit.

guest1: we had to make the bulb light up and it wouldn't work so we had to problem solve

Woody Dowling: What other problem did you face?

guest1: trying to keep the wheels on!

Woody Dowling: yes, VERY IMPORTANT!!!

Woody Dowling: How did you decide what art to put inside?

guest1: It had to go with our themes

Woody Dowling: what were the themes?

guest1: landscapes Standing up for your rights and african ameican art

Woody Dowling: very good, we had a painting by the African-American artist William H. Johnson on the real art


Woody Dowling: http://photo2.si.edu/amsi/edison.gif

Woody Dowling: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/tempchat/eschool.html

guest1: Is that a web site?

Woody Dowling: I just put up a picture of two sculptures. If you had to pick one for your exhibit which one

would you pick?

guest1: I pick both becuase there both neat

Woody Dowling: Use your problem solving skills and remember that the wheels keep falling off!

Woody Dowling: One is made of glass and one is made of straw.

guest1: Thanksfor the advice

Woody Dowling: But you didn't tell me which one you would pick!

guest1: Oh! only one, Ok

Woody Dowling: yes, only one, and please tell me why you picked it.

guest1: we will pick wedding cake

Woody Dowling: ok, why?

guest1: Becuase people would Like it in our novle

Woody Dowling: OK, that's a good answer. There is another reason too.

guest1: What!

Woody Dowling: Remember, what you select will be in an exhibit that travels and sometimes the wheels fall


guest1: We have iiiiiinsurence

Woody Dowling: ha, ha, good answer!

Woody Dowling: However, sometimes you would rather have a one of a kind artwork than money.

Woody Dowling: http://photo2.si.edu/amsi/linc.gif

Woody Dowling: This is a picture of a museum person preparing a photograph made of glass for an exhibition.

What do you see?

guest1: No! we really had IIInsurence 550.00 For each panting

Woody Dowling: I would rather have the glass sculpture than $550!

guest1: The pictur didnt show up

Woody Dowling: ok, I'll try again.

Woody Dowling: http://photo2.si.edu/amsi/linc.gif

Woody Dowling: do you see it now?

guest1: No!!!@!

Woody Dowling: hmmm, ok let's use the one you have.

Woody Dowling: use the slider bar on the right and scroll down until you see two paintings.

Woody Dowling: do you see them?

guest1: Is it Li'L Sis

Woody Dowling: yes, that's one of them, the one we put on the art train

Woody Dowling: read the information with each painting and use your problem solving skills to determine why

we didn't put the other one on art train

Woody Dowling: care to take a guess or do you want a hint?

guest1: Will take a guss

Woody Dowling: ok, go for it.

guest1: it dosent go with the theme

Woody Dowling: good guess, but that's not the answer I was looking for.

Woody Dowling: did you see those numbers? do you know what they mean?

guest1: well got to go naw will show you are Museume on the enternet

Woody Dowling: OK, it was great talking to you Chelsea, Misty, Trevor and Josh!

guest1: From Tom: Thanks Woody! Bye!

Woody Dowling: Bye Tom!


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