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Monica Sanjur, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

May 17, 2000

Guest2: Hi, Monica! We will get you started with the students soon!

monica sanjur: Ok

monica sanjur: Hi anyone here, yet?

*** What can you tell us about the traveling art train. ***

guest3: Hi I'm Jamie

monica sanjur: Hi Jamie

Guest2: What can you tell us about the traveling art train.

monica sanjur: well the art train was started in Michigan

monica sanjur: and the Smithsonian has contributed to the art on the train

monica sanjur: http://www.diamondbullet.com/Artrain/

guest3: I'm here with Kristin, Justin ellie and mr. otto

monica sanjur: Hi everyone!

monica sanjur: I just pushed the home page for the art train

monica sanjur: I think most of you have seen it, right?

Guest2: Are there any Norman Rockwell paintings in there.

monica sanjur: Well, the exhibit changes every year, this year all the paintings are about space

monica sanjur: did you choose a Norman Rockwell for your train?

guest3: are you familiar with jewish art

monica sanjur: sorry, I don't know much about it

guest3: How bout Goya?

monica sanjur: I know a bit a bout Goya, be he is a Spanish artist

Guest2: We did a bus not a train,Yes we have NormanRockwell.

monica sanjur: Why did you choose Rockwell

Guest2: because of humor

monica sanjur: that's great. So your bus focused on artists that use humor in thier art?

guest3: can you tells us more about the traim

monica sanjur: What do you want to know? It is the only train exhibit in the country.

monica sanjur: It is a very special kind of exhibit. Not too many people can pull it off.

guest3: We have a traveling train too

monica sanjur: your group or in Omaha?

guest3: helo

Guest2: can you tell us about neil armstrong

guest3: our group

monica sanjur: You can look up more on Neil Armstron at the Air and Space Museum site

monica sanjur: So, why did your group choose to do a train instead of a bus?

monica sanjur: http://nasm.si.edu

guest3: because it fits our theam!

monica sanjur: what was you theme?

Guest2: how many art paintings do you have

monica sanjur: wow, we have thousands of paintings at the American Art Museum

guest3: it is number the stars

monica sanjur: your themes is "number the stars?"

guest3: Well the book is

Guest2: Hou many paintings do you have on the train?

monica sanjur: http://www.diamondbullet.com/Artrain/

guest3: it is dreams freedom bravrey and jewish art

monica sanjur: I'll have to check the web site. I'm not sure how many images travel

monica sanjur: The "Artistry of Space" exhibit is travelling 78 paintings

Guest2: how long is the train

monica sanjur: It has 3 gallery cars

guest3: now there are 2 art train

guest3: because we made 1

monica sanjur: That's true, when is your coast to coast tour?

Guest2: How old is the train

guest3: we pull ours!!

monica sanjur: So, better start running to get in shape!

guest3: we ran 2 miles

monica sanjur: The art train was started in 1971

guest3: were in shape now

guest3: thats old

monica sanjur: Ok, so I can't wait until you bring your exhibit to DC!

guest3: wow!!\

monica sanjur: Just kidding

guest3: OK!!!!!!

Guest2: how long have you had the train

monica sanjur: Well, the train doesn't belong to the Smithsonian, but we participate with the


monica sanjur: The train belongs to the Michigan Council for the Arts

monica sanjur: They have asked us to participate because the Smithsonian travels a lot of shows

guest3: has the train come to omaha?

Guest2: Have you had the same train the whole time

monica sanjur: I'm not sure, if it is the same train

guest3: where are the two places that the train has been

monica sanjur: And this year the train is not scheduled to stop in Nebraska

monica sanjur: The train travels all over

guest3: why not?

monica sanjur: It was probably not requested. Art exhibits travel to locations that book them.

monica sanjur: The American Art museume currently has 7 shows on the road

guest3: well we want to see it

Guest2: How do you ceap the art work from not falling when you travel

guest3: I'll book it!!!!!!!!!!!

monica sanjur: I don't blame you. Maybe you can convince your school to write to the Art train.

guest3: Ok!!!

guest3: we will

monica sanjur: The art train website tells you how to do this. Maybe you guys can book it.

guest3: Cool!!

monica sanjur: So, how did you book your train & bus tours?

guest3: How many pics can fit in 1 box car

monica sanjur: That depends on the size of images and running wall space

guest3: does it have carpet anywhere

monica sanjur: An exhibit designer uses math to figure how many painting will fit on a wall

monica sanjur: oh the whole train is carpeted

guest3: So is ares

monica sanjur: good thinking, why did you decide to do that?

Guest2: How do you keep the art work from not falling when you travel

guest3: because it pretty

monica sanjur: The artwork is mounted to the walls. Usually in galleries they are screwed into the

walls and hung.

monica sanjur: Carpeting is nice to walk on and looks pretty, that's true. But, it also absorbs noise.

So, it is nicer to be inside the train car, too.

guest3: it keeps the dust out

monica sanjur: That's right. And the artwork has to be protected. Did you insure your art?

Guest2: How did you choose the space theame

guest3: do you have a eating place

guest3: yes we do insure

monica sanjur: I think the space theme has to do with the President's Mars Millineum Project

monica sanjur: And I don't believe there is a cafe car on the train

monica sanjur: so, why did you insure your art?

guest3: well ours is on top

monica sanjur: You have a cafe on your train?

guest3: yes

guest3: cool uh

monica sanjur: that's a nice touch

monica sanjur: so, it's an outdoor cafe?

guest3: isn't it

guest3: yes

monica sanjur: that's very nice!

Guest2: Do you get a lot of compliments

monica sanjur: On the train?

Guest2: Yes

monica sanjur: It is a great program and people are enthusiastic about it.

Guest2: Dose it coust $$$$$

guest3: how many people work there?\

monica sanjur: Sure, it costs money to host the train, and to get the art, insure it, prepare it for

traveling. . .

monica sanjur: The Smithsonian has hundreds of empoyees.

monica sanjur: I can't tell you how many work on the art train.

guest3: do you have a panting on the star of david!

Guest2: Dose it coust $$$$$ to go through the train???

monica sanjur: Sure, many artists use the symbol of the Star of Daid

guest3: how much does it coast to see it?

monica sanjur: I don't believe it does cost money to see the train, but I'm not sure.

guest3: we have to go, next week you will see are train

guest3: bye!!!

monica sanjur: will you have pictures?

monica sanjur: I'd love to see your trains

monica sanjur: Bye!

guest3: OK!!!!!!!!

guest3: yes we have pics!!

monica sanjur: Cool!

guest3: Bye Mrs. Monica. Sanjur

Guest2: From Tom: Thanks Monica!!! Bye!


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