Jamie Beran's Westside's Westgate Elementary School, 5th Grade using Tom Albertsen's eSchool account.

eSchool Chat/Web Push with

Daryle Maciocha, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

May 17, 2000


Welcome to eSchool!

Woody Dowling: yes, particularly since it shows Iowa


Tom Albertsen: Good morning from Westgate Elementary in Omaha!

monica sanjur: Well, this was the tour with the most dates

Woody Dowling: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu:8080/internal/NMLE/resources/ncfa__01b.gif

monica sanjur: Hi Tom!

Woody Dowling: Good morning from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Tom Albertsen: I just logged into to make sure we are up and running. Looks like all systems are


Tom Albertsen: I will be providing on site tech support. You will be chatting with students from

Jamie Beran's 5th grade class.

Woody Dowling: Tom, Daryle's Netscape config is corrupted, so it may be just Monica and me

Woody Dowling: we can break up into two rooms

Tom Albertsen: Poor Daryle! Maybe he got bit by the ILOVEYOU bug?? :o)

Woody Dowling: he has had a lot of trouble ever since his email was migrated

Tom Albertsen: I'll be finding out from Jamie how this will be approached. Certainly dividing into 2

different chat rooms is a possibility.

Tom Albertsen: We have 4 computers at Westgate set up to run eSchool.

Tom Albertsen: I have been informed that it may be a little past 10:30 before the students will be

ready. They are currently at a special of some sort.

Woody Dowling: ok, we can do it however Jamie wants

Tom Albertsen: I'm going to log into the 3 other remaining computers to make sure they work. It will

be guest1, guest2, guest3.

Woody Dowling: sounds good, will anyone else from the CD office be participating?

guest1: Howdy from guest1!

guest1: Going on to guest2.

Guest2: Hi from guest2.

Colette deFrey: Hello - Is there anyone out theree?

Woody Dowling: Greetings from the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Colette deFrey: Hi, Woody! Tom Albertsen is over at Westgate with Jamie!

guest3: And finally, guest3 is on-line!

Colette deFrey: who is guest 3?

Robin Davis: Hi Woody and everyone else!

Colette deFrey: Hi, Monica!

guest3: OK! We have the Westgate computers going, so it won't be long until the students will be

taking over.

monica sanjur: Hi Robin!

Colette deFrey: YAY!

Colette deFrey: Hi, Daryle

Woody Dowling: Daryle, are you lurking?

monica sanjur: Whew!

daryle maciocha: Hello, Colette.

daryle maciocha: No, not lurking, just logging on now.

Colette deFrey: The kids had their Street Fair last night! Wish you could have been here! The kids

were GREAT!

monica sanjur: Did they take their trains to different spots?

daryle maciocha: I would have to have seen their completed trains.

Colette deFrey: All of the travelling museums were here. They were so cool

Colette deFrey: A few lost some paintings in the travelling between schools, but the kids had them

insured as part of a math lesson

Colette deFrey: they got a real lesson in how insurance works!

Woody Dowling: very good

guest3: This is Tom. Here is the general plan. We will use 2 different classrooms. Guest 2 and 3

will move to the RED classroom and the Tom Albertsen and guest1 will stay in this classroom.

Either Monica or Woody, will one of you move to the RED classroom, please?

daryle maciocha: Anyone investigate art theft? :)

guest3: Hi, Daryle!

daryle maciocha: Hi, Tom!

Woody Dowling: Tom, Daryle found another computer, so we can use three classrooms

monica sanjur: I'll go into the red room

Woody Dowling: I'll go into the blue room and Daryle can stay here

daryle maciocha: Fine with me.

Tom Albertsen: And Woody, we are ready to begin with your students!

Tom Albertsen: Hi this is the T.P.C.M (Taylor, Patrick, cory, Mallory

daryle maciocha: Hello everyone.

Tom Albertsen: tpcm also stands for the perfect cabin museum

daryle maciocha: Excellent acronym!

daryle maciocha: Any questions coming my way?

Tom Albertsen: Can you tell us about the traveling art train

daryle maciocha: Certainly. I'm going to bring up the art train homepage.

daryle maciocha: http://www.diamondbullet.com/Artrain/

Tom Albertsen: Cool!

Tom Albertsen: have you been to NE yet

daryle maciocha: The Artrain is a way to bring works of art to communities who don't have their own

museums or cannot get to one. Perhaps it is too far way. The artrain brings art to them.

daryle maciocha: Have I been to NE? Yes, several times. I like it there very much.

daryle maciocha: Freemont Elementary School in California visited the Artrain and made their own

web page about it.

daryle maciocha: http://www.bcsd.k12.ca.us/fremont/artrain.htm

daryle maciocha: Can anyone tell me about the art train they created?

Tom Albertsen: Can you guys come to westgate elementry again

daryle maciocha: We would enjoy visiting again soon.

Tom Albertsen: we created a sled

Tom Albertsen: good

daryle maciocha: Yes, I think I remember seeing the sled.

Colette deFrey: why a sled?

daryle maciocha: Sleds don't have wheels. Wasn't it hard to move?

Tom Albertsen: it has changed alot. it goes with our book, stone fox

Tom Albertsen: we put it on a wagon

daryle maciocha: Ah, a sled on a wagon. The snow melted before the sled was done?

daryle maciocha: I don't know the story of Stone Fox. Can one of the students tell me what it is


Tom Albertsen: Its a snowless sled, it goes in the grass

daryle maciocha: Is there a snowless sled in the stone fox story?

daryle maciocha: Taylor, Patrick, Cory & Mallory: what kind of art went on your sled?

Tom Albertsen: It's about this boy whos grandpa is sick of living and the kid, Willie and his dog

searchlight. they entered this race and it was for $500.00 and at the end Searchlight died and this

mean guy called stone Fox took out his gun and let Willie carrie his dog over the finish line.

daryle maciocha: Did Willie win the race?

Tom Albertsen: yes

daryle maciocha: What made Stone Fox so mean?

Tom Albertsen: Becuase he got his land taken away by the white people

daryle maciocha: Was Stone Fox Native American?

Tom Albertsen: Yes he was a Native American

Tom Albertsen: Any questions?

Tom Albertsen: Are you still there?

daryle maciocha: Yes, I am still here. I am waiting for my questions to be answered.

daryle maciocha: I'd like the students to tell me about the works of art they put on their snowless


Tom Albertsen: Actually we are out of time, sorry. thank for signing on with us

daryle maciocha: Thanks for having me! Stone Fox sounds like a great book. I will read it soon!

Tom Albertsen: ByE!

daryle maciocha: bye!


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