Swanson Elementary School

December 6, 2000

Students of Dede Marshall's third grade class conduct an eSchool chat with Stuart and Nancy (guest1) with the Sheldon Art Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. Student questions are posted using the eSchool account of Tom Albertsen.

Tom Albertsen: Greetings from Swanson Elementary in Omaha!

Tom Albertsen: Is anyone in the Red classroom?

guest1: ready

Tom Albertsen: HI! Is guest 1 Stuart?

guest1: Stuart and Nancy

Tom Albertsen: Hi from 2 third graders: Tony and David!

guest1: Hi, Tony and David!

Tom Albertsen: We are ready to start. We will push the Community Daicovered web page so that we can get to

the images.

guest1: ok

Tom Albertsen: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

Tom Albertsen: If you scroll down, go to Community Images at the Sheldon.

Tom Albertsen: Do you see the web site?

guest1: we're there,Tom

Tom Albertsen: Here we go with some questions for you.

Tom Albertsen: Tony asks In night shadows where the long, thin shadow comes out, was a piece of the

building cut out or is that a gate?

guest1: On the left side, the shadow appears to be cast by a light pole

Tom Albertsen: Yes, that is what tony and david thought, too!

Tom Albertsen: Do you know how long it took to paint this image, Night Shadows? from david

guest1: good observation!

guest1: This work is a print, though it looks like a painting. We do not know how long the artist worked on this.

Tom Albertsen: From David- What are the buildings in Night Shadow?

guest1: Have you seen buildings that look like this? Do buildings have a different appearance at night than

during the day. We do not know exactly what buildings the artist represented in this work

Tom Albertsen: Let's look at New York Night. Tony asks In the middle building is that a window or clock at the


Tom Albertsen: It is the lighted part in the darkness toward the top of the building.

guest1: Yes, it is a window . . .

Tom Albertsen: The boys were suprised that Georgia O'Keefe painted something related to a city!

guest1: She lived in a building across from the Shelton . . .

Tom Albertsen: David wants to know if you know if you know how long it took her to paint it.

guest1: sorry, she lived IN the Shelton which was across the way from the building seen here

Tom Albertsen: Great information about Gerogia!

guest1: Sorry, we do not know--we only know that it was painted between 1928-29

Tom Albertsen: Let's go The Park Bench, please.

guest1: ok

Tom Albertsen: Tony asks-In the background behind the people on the bench, are those trees or other


guest1: we think it looks like lots of people. What do you think÷

Tom Albertsen: The boys also want to know why the artist painted the lady on the right in a red coat.

Tom Albertsen: They think most of the background is made up of people.

Tom Albertsen: Tony and David really thank you for your information. Here come 2 new students.

guest1: The colors is this painting are very subdued or somber. Perhaps the woman's red coat is an attempt

to add some sense of hope to the scene, or perhaps the artist decided the painting needed a focal point.

What are your ideas?

Tom Albertsen: We have 3 new students: Zoe, deanna, and Schuyler.

guest1: welcome!

Tom Albertsen: Please go to the Park Bench.

Tom Albertsen: Zoe want to know what is in the background of this image.

guest1: Lots and lots of people. What do you think they are doing?

Tom Albertsen: They might be playing.

guest1: Does this painting make you feel happy or carefree?

Tom Albertsen: The browns make it not so happy.

guest1: good answer

Tom Albertsen: Let's to to New York Night.

Tom Albertsen: Schuyler want to know if you know the name of the building with the clock.

guest1: the building is the Beverly Hotel

Tom Albertsen: Please go to Night Shadows.

Tom Albertsen: Zoe wants to know what the ledge around the building might be.

guest1: ok, we're there

guest1: Might it be an awning? Have you seen a building that looks like this?

Tom Albertsen: They want to know why the awning appears to not be sticking out.

Tom Albertsen: Please go to the County Agricultural Agent.

guest1: good question. If this is not an awning, perhaps it is part of the building--a division between the first

and second floors. The night shadows make it difficult for us to know exactly what the artist represented in

this work. Perhaps he wanted the building to be mysterious.

Tom Albertsen: Deanna asks what are the people doing in the image.

guest1: They appear to be looking at the cow. Can you guess why?

Tom Albertsen: The cow might be getting measured!?

Tom Albertsen: The cow might be a baby and they want to find out how much it grew.

Tom Albertsen: Please go to Int he Platte River Valley image.

Tom Albertsen: where is this image by Keith Jacobshagen located? What is the scene's location?

guest1: good answers!

guest1: Does the title give us a clue?

Tom Albertsen: The Platte River Valley. But they want to know if you know where along the Platte valley. :o)

guest1: we dont't know

Tom Albertsen: OK! We want to thank you very much for your time. But, we are out of time and need to go

back to the classroom! Bye!

guest1: Thank you for your good questions and answers


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