April 24, 2001

Red Chat Room

Fourth grade students at Hillside Elementary School answer questions posted by Kindergarten students at Prairie Lane Elementary School. Hillside students are logged in as Linda Leary and Prairie Lane students as Ron Abdouch.


Ron Abdouch: Good morning

Linda Leary: Hi, Ron! from Tom.

Ron Abdouch: Are you going to be typing or students?0

Ron Abdouch: Good morning we are here1 I am with Mackenzie and Nande

Linda Leary: hi this is the fourth graders from hillside.

Ron Abdouch: Let's start with the seal! Bring that image up please, then we have a question.

Ron Abdouch: Our first questions is why do seals make noises?

Linda Leary: to communicate

Ron Abdouch: What do seals eat besides fish?

Linda Leary: they eat krill

Ron Abdouch: Please bring up the picture of the Narwhale? Why do they have a point of their


Linda Leary: its ther only tooth

Ron Abdouch: Thanks you, go to the image of the penquin

Ron Abdouch: Why can't they fly?

Ron Abdouch: Are they cold blooded?

Linda Leary: they cant fly becausethey have no feathers

Ron Abdouch: Are they cold blooded?

Linda Leary: because they live in cold weather

Ron Abdouch: Go to the pelican. Do pelicans have real beaks?

Linda Leary: yes

Ron Abdouch: Go the the image of the whale for the last one?

Ron Abdouch: Why do whales spray?

Linda Leary: to let the extra water out

Ron Abdouch: We are done thanks you! We are waiting for the next group. Will be right back with


Linda Leary: our time is up . good by

Ron Abdouch: We are waiting for another group?

Ron Abdouch: Go to Mrs. Peitz's class and we will bring up the platypus first!

Linda Leary: We're still waiting for the next group of 4th graders to come. tom

Ron Abdouch: I am here withTaylor and Tadafumi.

Ron Abdouch: Instead of the playpus, let's look at the peacock!

*** Hi! How are you? We are Mrs. Peitz's Class. We are ready for your first question. ***

Linda Leary: Are you ready?

Ron Abdouch: Our questions is, How do they make their tail feather stand up?

Linda Leary: The male raises them up to show them off to the female to impress her. Muscles raise

them up.

Linda Leary: The female doesn't have long tail feathers like the male.

Linda Leary: It is a reaction for the male to raise the tail feathers.

Ron Abdouch: Go to the image of the snail? Our question iswhy do they have shells?

Linda Leary: Snails have shells to protect their organs inside.

Linda Leary: The organs need to be protected. They are able to pull themselves inside the shell to

protect themselves from other animals that want to eat them.

Linda Leary: They hide in their shells.

Ron Abdouch: Why do snails leave a trail of sticky stuff and what is it

Linda Leary: The slime helps them stick to things they climb. Like trees.

Linda Leary: The sticky stuff is a fluid. Scientists call it secretions.

Ron Abdouch: Go to the octopus

Ron Abdouch: What does it use all its legs for

Linda Leary: The octopus uses his legs to swim, catch food, climb rocks under the ocean. They

also use them to stop.

Linda Leary: An octopus has eight legs.

Ron Abdouch: Why does it have a big head and does it have lots of brains to fill it?

Linda Leary: The head is large because it has a brain that can learn and solve problems.

Linda Leary: They also have three hearts in the top part of their body.

Ron Abdouch: Go to the image of the platypus?

Linda Leary: Ready

Ron Abdouch: Why is it named that?

Linda Leary: The platypus is really called the duck billed platypus because it has a bill like a duck and

feet like a duck.

Linda Leary: Platypus is also part of the scientific name.

Ron Abdouch: Thanks for your information. We are going back to class!

Linda Leary: Our time is almost up.

Linda Leary: Do you have a question about the seal?

Linda Leary: Our seal author said that seals eat octopus.

Ron Abdouch: Why do they make noises? (seals)

Linda Leary: They make noises to make warning calls. They do it to communicate.

Linda Leary: Thanks for participating with us.

Ron Abdouch: What do seals eat besides fish if anything?

Linda Leary: They eat octopus, squid, penguins

Ron Abdouch: All you answers were excellent! Thanks for sharing!!

Linda Leary: Thank you! Have a good day!

Ron Abdouch: We have to go bck to class now. Thanks to everyone it was excellent! Ron



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