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Seymour Post Office Mural!

Welcome to Seymour, Texas, located southwest of Wichita Falls on Route 82/277. As you can see, the design of the outside of this post office is similar to the design of many post offices built during this time.

This mural, entitled "Comanches", was done by artist Tom Lea in 1942. It is oil on canvas.

Tom Lea was an experienced muralist from El Paso, Texas, and painted many works for the Section.

Even though portraying Comanches in murals was not popular in Arizona due to the fact that many saw the tribe as their chief enemy, the residents of Seymour found no fault in Lea's portrayal. Instead, the residents of Seymour recognized the superb horsemanship of the Comanches, and no objections were raised.

Here are some closer views of the mural!

Tom Lea was influenced by Indian art and was affiliated to the Laboratory of Anthology in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a leading center for the study of Indian art and culture. In fact, in this mural for Seymour, Lea draws "on the flat, stylized forms of Indian painting". (Park, Marlene and Gerald Markowitz, Democratic Vistas, p. 174.)

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