The Federal Trade Commission Building

Washington, D.C.

This colossal group entitled "Man Controlling Trade" by Michael Lantz is located outside the building. It is made from limestone.

Above the doors of the building are limestone reliefs done by various artists. The one pictured below is called "Construction" and was done by artist Chaim Gross in 1938.

This particular limestone relief pictured below is entitled "Shipping" and was done in 1938 by Robert Laurent.

Above this door is the limestone relief entitled "Agriculture" done in 1938 by Concetta Scaravaglione.

The aluminum grilles of the door itself illustrate the progress of maritime facilities and were done by artist William McVey in 1937.

Over another door on the building is the relief entitled "Foreign Trade" done in 1938 by Carl L. Schmitz. Notice that the grille done by McVey also appears on this door of the building.