Update Report

Jan Villotta - Oakdale Elementary School, Westside

January 12, 1998

Jan, partnered with her school's art specialist Angela Miller and artist-in-residence Julia Noyes, is planning to have her 20 4th grade students create a permanent mural for the entryway of Oakdale School which will portray "The '97 Snowstorm and the Oakdale Community".


The mural will consist of two panels measuring 40" X 72". Using photos from the snowstorm, the students will recreate their own interpretation of the effects of the storm using the style of pointillism.


Jan's students have traveled to Lincoln to view the state capitol murals as a part of their Nebraska History study, and they will be basing their own original mural on some of the mural designs they saw there, more specifically the one entitled "The Blizzard of '88" by Jeanne Reynal. The students will have also read stories about the Blizzard of '88 in Nebraska, and will have done some writing about their own experiences with the Storm of '97.


Angela Miller, the school's art specialist, will introduce the students to the technique of pointillism and the work of Seurat and other Impressionists before the students begin work on their own murals. They will also brainstorm images to be used on the mural.


Julia Noyes will be in the classroom directly working with these students on the actual design and painting of the mural during the week of May 11-15.