Post Office Murals in St. Thomas

This post office boasts 2 murals dating from 1941.

The first is "The Virgin Islands, U.S. - The Outer World Significance" by Stevan Dohanos.


The second mural, also by Stevan Dohanos, is called "The Virgin Island, U.S. - The Leisurely Native Tempo".

(The white box in the above photo is some type of box that came down from the ceiling of the post office. It blocks out a portion of the mural.)

St. Thomas also boasts a third mural in the city of Charlotte Amalie located in the Governor's Mansion. It was painted by Peppino Mangravite and is called "The Raising of Old Glory". I did not get a photo of this mural. Oh, Shucks! I'll have to make a return visit to St. Thomas!!!!!