The Schuyler, Nebraska Post Office Mural

The Schuyler, Nebraska Post Office

Post office workers at the Schuyler, Nebraska post office are proud of their mural, and it doesn't take much prodding to get them to not only talk about it, but to go back into their files to unearth photographs from the 1930's of the building of the post office!

The Building of the Post Office

The Lobby - Cozy up to the postal service window and trade stories with the post office workers who can't wait to talk about "their" mural.

"Wild Horses By Moonlight" by Philip von Saltza (1940)

Swedish-born Philip von Saltza, a resident of Maine in the 1930's, painted post office murals in Vermont and New Hampshire.


This mural was not originally created for its location in Schuyler, Nebraska. It was originally entered in an Arizona post office competition, but the government assigned the unchanged design to Schuyler in eastern Nebraska. When local residents complained about tall cacti in the landscape, von Saltza superimposed cottonwood trees! As a result,this change made the citizens of Schuyler much happier with their mural.


Visit the Oak Ballroom in Schuyler, Nebraska, a WPA project that celebrated its 60th birthday in May, 1997!


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