The Minden, Nebraska Post Office Mural

Minden has the distinction of having perhaps the most ambitious and thoroughly researched of all of the post office murals in Nebraska.The mural, entitled "1848, Fort Kearny, Protectorate on the Overland Trail, 1871", depicts the history of Fort Kearney and the many people who passed through it.

"1848, Fort Kearny, Protectorate on the Overland Trail, 1871"

By William E.L. Bunn, 1939

Oil on Canvas

When the mural was commissioned, historic Fort Kearny was no longer in existence. Therefore, Bunn recreated a scene of fort buildings and representations of the travellers who passed by the fort through historic photographs, research, and consultation with locals. The various elements of the mural are arranged like beads on an abacus.

William Bunn was a student of Grant Woods, and perhaps Woods' influence and Bunn's own work as an industrial designer influenced his distinctive style. Bunn returned to industrial design after World War II, and in 1948, he was named design manager for the Schaefer Pen Company.


The Minden Post Office Lobby

The Minden mural helped inspire interest in the restoration of Fort Kearney!


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