Unit Update

Marla Fries - Sunset Hills Elementary, Westside

Barb Otto - Rockbrook Elementary, Westside

Marla and Barb will be asking the students at their respective schools to explore the theme of "Community History: Why are We Unique?" as they create murals illustrating this theme.


February will be declared "Sunset Hills / Rockbrook History Months" in which students will be asked to start collecting information about the history of their community and photos. The students will also be interviewing community members to discover what makes their neighborhood unique from all others.


Each of these teachers has been doing neighborhood investigations with their students as well as a study of the Nebraska post office murals from the 1930's. In fact, Marla's 5th graders will be taking a field trip to visit two or three of these Nebraska murals and will be creating quick time virtual reality panoramic movies of these post offices and their murals.


Art teachers Mr. Al Vapp and Mr. Carl Clark will also be working with students in their art classes on how to design the mural and what images to use once the students have completed their investigation of their neighborhoods.


Artist-in-residence Julia Noyes will begin working with Marla and Barb's students during the week of April 27- May 1 as they create one 4'X8' panel. These composite murals will portray each of the neighborhoods represented by the schools. Both murals will be installed inside the schools in the entryways. A community opening night is also being planned for the murals.