Update Report

Jacquie Criger - Hillside Elementary, Westside

T.J. Jensen - Underwood Hills Elementary, Westside

T. J. and Jacquie are working together with another Underwood Hills teacher, Donna Johnson, and art specialist Cherri Derr to create a 6th grade mural project based on the theme of "The Importance of Communication". The students will be exploring how communication / propaganda techniques have been used in society down through history to the present, and will then explore how these same techniques can be utilized to create a positive picture of the Underwood Hills Community.


The resulting mural will be a portable mural that will be hung in the entryway of the school during the school year and then in the summer months will be displayed in the local businesses surrounding the school.


Art specialist Cherri Derr will work with the students on understanding the techniques used by poster artists and how they have utilized propaganda in their art. T.J. and Donna will have their students look at and study the Nebraska post office murals for propaganda techniques that were utilized. Then during the week of May 4-8, artist-in-residence Julia Noyes will join the students in designing and painting their mural. Students will experiment with textures as they paint their mural, choosing 10 words and images to highlight.


Plans are being made for a community opening night for the mural when parents and the community can come and view the mural and meet Julia.