Unit Update

Henrietta Pane - Westgate Elementary, Westside

Jamie Beran - Westgate Elementary, Westside

Henrietta and Jamie, along with Westgate teachers Lola Thiele, Lisa Smith, Bob Telich, and Cherri Derr will create a 4th, 5th, 6th grade mural project centering on the theme of "A Community United - The Westgate Community" done in the style of the Regionalist Grant Wood.


The three murals will be very unique in that they will be banners made of fabric which will ultimately hang in the new library facility at Westgate. Each grade level will be responsible for creating one of the murals.


Art teacher Cherrri Derr will introduce the students to the work of Grant Wood and his use of large, dramatic shapes, while in the classroom the other teachers will be asking their kids to look at the Nebraska post office murals and how they capture the sense of community in which they were hung.


From March 16-20, artist-in-residence Julia Noyes will work with the students at Westgate to design and put together their murals. A total of 120-150 students will be involved in this project.