The Mural of Graham, Texas

In Graham, Texas, there is great news and bad news! First, the bad news - the post office mural was behind locked doors, and the old post office building was closed up tighter than a drum! But not for long!!!!

The good news is that the City of Graham is currently refurbishing the old post office to be the future home of The Old Post Office Museum and Art Center! And the post office mural is also being cleaned up to take its place as a highlight of the building!

Thanks to some very kind residents of Graham, I was allowed into the building to take some photos of the mural and to look around at the construction. This building is going to be a wonderful tribute to not only the post office mural, but to the founding fathers of Graham!

Here's what I saw!

The mural inside of this building is called "Oil Fields of Graham" and was painted by Alexandre Hogue in 1939. It is oil on canvas. Hogue also did the murals for the Federal Building in Houston!

Construction has managed to save the original light fixtures that border the front door of the building. They are very Art Deco in design!

Even the window gratings of this old building are works of art.

The museum displays a photograph and a bio of Alexandre Hogue, the muralist who painted "Oil Fields of Graham".

The mural "Oil Fields of Graham" pictures the founding fathers of the town and the major resource of the town during the 1930's - oil.

A closer look reveals Hogue's signature and the date.

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