Electra, Texas

Welcome to the Electra, Texas, Post Office Mural

Electra, Texas, is located just a few miles west of Wichita Falls and a quick hop south of the Oklahoma-Texas border. It is a small town that you might miss as you travel west on Route 287 -- but it's post office mural is quite different! It is a plaster relief in three sections rather than the typical oil on canvas mural that is so prevalent.
Here's the Post Office building itself. Note the plaster relief on the outside of the building.

Here's a closer look at the three reliefs on the outside of the building. These reliefs represent the three major modes of transportation for delivering the mail in the U.S., during the 1930's: the airplane, the ship, and the train.

Once inside, the relief is situated above the post master's door, as in most Depression-Era build post offices. Notice how the artist had to compensate for this door.

This mural depicts the importance of three industries in Electra: the cattle industry, the oil industry, and farming.

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