The Mural of Eastland, Texas

Welcome to the Eastland, Texas, post office!

Here's the inside of the post office. Notice that the Eastland post office's mural is not blocked by "things" hanging from the ceiling as in many other post offices! The mural is clearly seen upon entering the lobby. Also, notice that the entryway is very similar to the structure of the entryways of other post offices built during the 1930's all over the U.S.

The Eastland mural is entitled "Buffalo Hunt" and was done by artist Suzanne Scheuer in 1938. It is oil on canvas.

If you have visited Eastland, it is easy to imagine the Indians riding across the flat, dry land in search of buffalo as Scheuer has depicted in this mural.

Scheuer, who was from San Francisco, firmly believed that everyone could "learn from the Indians", and she showed this idea in her murals. She said, "I believe that a reminder . . . to anyone of us of the life in this country that preceded ours can do no harm, especially since that life, in its simplicity and harmony with nature, can be a lesson to us in many ways" (Democratic Vistas by Marlene Park and Gerald E. Markowitz, p. 36).

Scheuer obviously talked to the citizens of Eastland before painting this mural, because in the lower right hand corner of the mural she depicts Old Rip, the horny toad, who is famous in Eastland legends. Here's a close-up view of Old Rip.

Scheuer also included the information in the lower left hand corner of the mural which states that this mural project was being sponsored by the Section of Fine Arts, part of the U.S. Treasury Dept.

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