The Albion, Nebraska Post Office

An Outside View of the Albion, Nebraska Post Office

The Lobby of the Albion Post Office - My most unfavorite things about the lobby of the Albion post office was how the installation of modern post office machines and posters in the lobby detracted from the overall effect of the mural. I feel this inclusion of the "modern" really jeopardized the integrity of the lobby, which is a major concern of the National Registry.

"Winter in Nebraska" Painted by Jenne Magafan, 1939

This mural was painted by Jenne Magafan, whose sister Ethel painted the Auburn mural. Jenne painted other murals in Colorado, Texas, and Utah. She also, with her sister, painted murals for the Social Security Building in Washington, D.C.

Jenne, like her sister, also came to Nebraska to do research for this mural, and both Jenne and the mural were warmly received by the people of Albion. In fact, a local "art critic" observed that the mural was "a right nice bit of art", but was upset that the farmer was not dressed properly for the Nebraska winter!

Jenne went on to do "The Country Dance" mural for a post office in Texas as part of the same program.

Edward Chavez, the muralist who painted the mural for Geneva, Nebraska, was married to Jenne. Jenne died at the age of 31.

All of the murals, except the one in Valentine, were cleaned in 1981 by an art conservator under contract with the United States Postal Service.

Another Bit of the 30's in Albion -- The Dairiette

After visiting the post office mural, drive by the Albion Dairiette for a milk shake or vanilla cone! Then sit under the tree and close your eyes -- you'll drift back to a time when life was much simpler.

The Dairiette building was originally a gas station in the 1920's before becoming an eating establishment in the 30's! It continued serving burgers to Albion teenagers during the 40's and 50's. Now, over 70 years old, the Albion Dairiette is a "must" stop for anyone craving a "real" milk shake! Don't miss it!


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