Pop Art Trunk Inventory

Grade Levels: K-12

Curriculum Areas:

Visual Arts

Social Studies

Language Arts



Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists - Andy Warhol by Mike Venezia - ISBN: 0516260758 (1 copy)

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists - Jackson Pollock by Mike Venezia - ISBN: 0516422987 (1 copy)

The Painter's Eye: Learning to Look at Contemporary American Art by Jan Greenberg with Sandra Jordan - ISBN: 038532040X (1 copy)

Other Print Material:

"Joslyn Pop News" Family Magazine from Pop Art Exhibit (2 copies)

Printing Makes an Impression on Our World - Metropolitan Community College booklet (2 copies)

"The Great American Pop Art Store - Multiples of the Sixties" - A Resource Packet for Educators

Slides in Teacher Resource Packet:

Allen D'Arcangelo - "Side View Mirror" 1966

Jim Dine "Bleeding - Heart w/Ribbons" 1968

Roy Lichtenstein - "Pistol", 1964; "Thunderbolt" , 1966; "Paper Plate", 1969

Claes Oldenburg - "Wedding Souvenir", 1966; "Baked Potato", 1966

Lucas Samaras - "Book" 1968

Wayne Thiebaud - "Boston Cream Pie" 1965

Andy Warhol - "Brillo Box", 1969; "Cow", 1966


Transparencies and Prints:

Roy Lichtenstein:

"I Know How You Must Feel, Brad" , 1963

"Takka Takka", 1976

"Reverie", 1965

"Sweet Dreams, Baby", 1965

"Look, Mickey", 196l

Andy Warhol:

"Vegetarian Vegetable", 1969

"A Boy for Meg", 1962

"Corporate Trade Ad", 1965-70


"President Charles DeGualle", 1967


Pop Art Curriculum Connections Notebook

1. First of all, What is Pop Art?

2. Pop Art Image Information

3. Websites About Pop Art