Big Questions Dealing With . . .


What are the architectural structures that best represent a culture? What are the structures that best represent American culture? Why?


The Pop Art architect Robert Venturi said about his designs, "Less is a bore." What are some examples of architecture in your community which are good examples of Venturi's philosophy of architectural design?


Andy Warhol said that "Pop Art is about liking 'things'". What "things" do you think American culture has liked down through the decades, and why?


Claes Oldenburg stated, "Forms have a kind of architecture . . . The pie, for example, with its layers, the ice cream cone with its cone. They're geometrical forms, architectural forms, and they're found in very simplified fast food. The hamburger is a perfectly structural piece of food and I think I'd almost rather look at it that eat it. It's got three circles -- top half of the bun, patty and bottom half; and if you put an onion slice on it you have even more variation. A pickle is very geometrical, too."

Keeping Oldenburg's statement in mind, what "architecture" do you see in the world around you? What "geometry" do you see in the world around you?