Big Questions Dealing With . . .



Claes Oldenburg called his sculptures "monuments to the ordinary". What "ordinary" things in your community do you think deserve monuments?


How do artists influence the perspective from which a society is viewed?


How is Pop Art like a tall tale?


How is an artist like a "reporter"?


Was Pop Art really "art"?


What can be learned about a culture by looking at its advertising?


One critic of the architecture of the Pop Art movement was against "the absurd belief (of the architects) that space and rapid transportation are the chief ingredients of the good life." What are the chief ingredients of the good life in the 90's as shown in its architecture?


  In the 60's, a monumental art form was billboard advertising. The artist James Rosenquist was, in fact, a billboard painter, and this art form came to influence his art work. What makes a billboard successful? What are the characteristics of an effective billboard? What makes a painting successful? What do paintings and billboards have in common? How are they unalike?


How are Pop Art and jazz alike? How is the Pop Artist and the jazz musician alike? What are the differences0