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Units and lessons are to incorporate into existing curriculum the four strands of the grant: arts integration with a DBAE approach, technology integration, constructivist learning theory, and interdisciplinary curriculum.

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Web sites & sources of information to assist participating teachers.

CD Special Interest Groups Special Interest Groups

Special focus on subjects such as Posters, Latino Art, Storytelling, Folk Art, Public Sculpture, and Post Office Murals.

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Read the grant abstract, goals, and other background information.

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View surveys, data, and more from the Evaluation Team.


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Unit Concept
A Concept is a "Big Idea" such as "Connections" or "Perspective".
Please click here for a list of all concepts used by teachers in their units.

Unit Topic
A Topic is from the curriculum, such as "Egypt" or "Trees".
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We tried to come up with keywords that described each unit.
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