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Public Sculpture Special Interest Group (SIG)






CD Contact Persons:

NMAA Contact Persons:

Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Gardens

Linda Engel

Monica Sanjur

Karen Janovy

Colette de Frey

Mary McCloud Bethune
photograph Colette de Frey

Participating Teachers:

City, State

Jan Villotta

Oakdale Elementary

4th grade

Omaha, NE

Linda Leary

Hillside Elementary

Media/1st grade

Omaha, NE

Marla Fries

Sunset Hills Elementary


Omaha, NE

Linda Chevalier



Omaha, NE

Teresa Workman



Omaha, NE

Deb Harkless


6th grade

Lexington, NE

Diane Underwood

Language Arts

6th grade

Lexington, NE

Bill Hayes


Social Studies

Omaha, NE

Joan Peterson

West Ed Lab



James Campbell

Prairie Lane Elementary

6th grade

Omaha, NE

Marna Davidson

Westside High


Omaha, NE

Kathy Woods

Pershing Elementary

Lexington, NE

Rich Cupich

Northwest High

Omaha, NE

Colette de Frey



Omaha, NE

Wanda Duff

Northwest High

High school

Omaha, NE

Carol Gibilisco

Northwest High

High school

Omaha, NE





Saturday, October 11, 1997

Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Gardens

Initial brainstorming meeting & tour of sculpture garden

Interested in joining the Public Sculpture Interest Group? Contact Linda Engel, Nebraska City Public Schools



Web Resources

Visit the National Museum of American Art (NMAA) Public Sculpture resources.

View Public Sculpture Resources - CD 1997 developed for Community Discovered SIGS

NMAA 1997 Public Sculpture Bus Tour

Focus Group Report Format

Public Sculpture in Nebraska:

Torn Notebook, by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen

Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Garden

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Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery and Sculpture Gardens

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Click here for Public Sculpture Resources


Possible Topics:

-- Heroes and Leaders:

Monuments that honor people and their contribution to FDR Monument, Lincoln Memorial, . . . What other monuments honor heroes or community leaders?

-- War Memorials:

Figurative vs. conceptual forms of expressing an historical event. i.e. the controversy over the Vietnam War Memorial

-- Allegorical Figuers or Symbols

Monuments to an idea or rallying sign important during a particular period. i.e. Freedom, the sculpture atop the U.S. Capitol, Statue of Liberty, monuments to Manifest Destiny, etc.

-- Discovering the Community:

Monuments that depict local history, environmental concerns & social issues, community ammelioration projects, i.e. the Cinncinnati Gateway & Squaw Peak Parkway project in the NMAA Public Sculpture video.


Sculpture that is a celeberation of society, popular culture such as Claes Oldenburg, Luis Jimenez

Possible Issues:

Exposure to weather damage

Materials and form

Historical context

Artist's expression vs. public perception

Controversy over monuments, i.e. economic side to producing a public sculpture and collaborative process involved in a public sculpture project

Issues brainstormed at the NMAA summer institute:

Monument vs Sculpture - What is the difference?

Stereotypes in public sculpture

Environmental concerns of public sculpture

Proposals for public sculpture: pros and cons



What is SOS?

Save Outdoor Sculpture!: Jointly sponsored by NMAA and the National Institute for the Conservation

of Cultural Property, SOS! is the first national inventory and condition assessment of outdoor sculpture.

Results are entered into the Inventory of American Sculpture and accessible on the Internet.


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