Posters American Style

The The Community Discovered Technology Innovation Challenge Grant's Posters Special Interest Group (SIG)

Scavenger Hunt!


Purpose - To explore the NMAA Posters American Style Web Site to discover the interesting and valuable information stored there.

1. Log onto the NMAA Posters: American Style web site.


2. Write the quote that you read when you first logged on to the NMAA Posters Web site.


3. As you explore this web site, write down some questions that you have regarding posters and the process of creating posters.








4. Log on to:

5. Read the Frequently Asked Questions about posters. Did your question get answered? If not, submit your question to a museum docent or curator by sending email to:


6. Search the NMAA posters site to find out about the silkscreen process. Briefly describe this process.



7. List the steps involved.


8. Go to the Image Index. Find one poster that was created by Rupert Garcia. Describe this poster.


9. Find one environmental poster. Write down the name of the poster, the artist and when it was created.