Posters American Style

The The Community Discovered Technology Innovation Challenge Grant's Posters Special Interest Group (SIG)


What is perspective?

Find the following work of art at the NMAA Posters American Style web site and consider the following questions:

Ivan Chermayeff, Visit the American Museum of Immigration at the Statue of Liberty

Answer the following:

What is the message of this poster?

Why is this work important?

What do you need to know in order to understand this poster? View this poster from a person born and raised in Uganda. How would their perspective be different?

Find the poster that is a color lithograph by Otto Brennemann with the title: Football: Notre Dame (South Bend), 1926

What makes this work stand out?

What makes this work interesting to me?

Who was this poster made for?

What do you need to know to understand the message of this poster?

Who in your family would like this work? Who wouldn't? Why?

Could a woman have created this poster?

Visit the NMAA Posters AMerican Style web site to learn more how artists used visual perspective to create visual interest.

Compare and Contrast: Neon Rose. The Chambers Brothers poster and the New York Sun. Read the Sun.

Where is the viewer in relation to the person in the poster?

(eye level, above eye level, below eye level)

Is the viewer up close or far away?

What mood does it create?

How does this make the poster more interesting?

Does it help convey the message of the poster?