Posters American Style

The The Community Discovered Technology Innovation Challenge Grant's Posters Special Interest Group (SIG)


Fantasy / Adventure

Art Making: Create a Poster

Things to consider when creating a poster:

Who is your audience?

How can you say it quickly?

What symbols/icons/images are understood by your audience?

Is your poster free of stereotypes?

Choose one of the following and create a poster:

Futuristic Posters

It is the year 2200. You have just invented a new product that you want others to know about. Create a poster that promotes this new product.


Create a poster that advertises fashion of the year 2200.


Create a poster that advertises a new design for a vehicle that would be used in 2200.


Upward Explansion

Imagine that humans can safely travel in space, and life forms are possible on a new planet. How can you convince earthlings to leave their familar surroundings to venture elsewhere? Create a poster that encourages earthlings to relocate to this new planet in outerspace.

Class Critique

1. Each student will present his/her poster and respond to the following:

I learned.....

If I were to start over with this project I would do the following differently....


2. Other classmates will take turns stating one successful component of the poster. They cannot just say, "I like it:. They must use appropriate terminology to reveal one successful component.



"The symbols used are recognizable by the audience and easily conveys a message."


"Enlarging the central image creates an obvious focal point."


"By using intense (bright) colors, a sense of energy is created."


"Movement is created by the repetition of the image."


"The image conveys the message with little or no words. Therefore the poster successfully conveys the message quickly and effectively."



Is it a good design?

Does it demonstrate good workmanship?

Does it convey the message quickly and effectively?

Are the images/icons appropriate for the audience?


Student Reflection:


What did you like the most about poster making?

What did you learn during this poster making activity?

If you could design the poster again, what would you do differently?


Teacher Reflections:


What was most successful about this lesson?

What would you do differently if you were to teach this lesson again?