Posters American Style

The The Community Discovered Technology Innovation Challenge Grant's Posters Special Interest Group (SIG)


What is diversity?

Find the following work of art at the NMAA Posters American Style web site and consider the following questions:

Ivan Chermayeff, Visit the American Museum of Immigration at the Statue of Liberty

Answer the following:

What is the message of this poster?

Why is this work important?

What do you need to know in order to understand this poster?

What is the "Melting Pot" Theory? Do you agree with this theory? Why or why not?


Find the poster by J.Gokey called: This is how the White Man's Law Fits the Indian.

Research the Treaty of Cedars of 1836.

Should the Native American populations strive to be more like the white man?

Explore posters by Norman Rockwell and Fred G. Korth.

Are these accurate depictions of diversity?

Do these images advocate diversity?

If so, how? If not should they advocate diversity?

Who is the intended audience? What were the attitudes of this audience at the time these posters were created?

How would you re-design these posters? It these posters were re-designed, would the message be the same? Would the same message be conveyed as effectively?