Posters Content Planning Committee

The Community Discovered Challenge Grant's 1st K-12 Academic Conference

1. Go to the Community Discovered's Posters Special Interest Group (SIG) Web site:

2. View the Suggested Topics and related activities.

3. Visit the NMAA Web Site:

4. Review handouts of telecomputing projects.

5. Decide how you want to structure the virtual conference content. i.e. Thematic or concept divisions? grade or discipline? etc. Once this is decided, you may need to break up into sub committees to work on each component.

6. Create a list of suggested interdisciplinary content, activities (and assessment for those activities). Share with the whole group.

7. Consider a "backup" plan, perhaps a high and low tech option! What will happen if the technology fails?



What technology or delivery systems do all participating districts have in common?

What can we accomplish with a Virtual Conference that we could not have accomplish otherwise?