Focus Group Report

Participant Name/s:

School Affiliation:

Grade Level / Subject Area:

Email Addresses of Participants in Project:

The Unit Plan

Unit Concept: (The Big Idea)

Unit Topic: (From your curriculum)

Big Question: (What big problem or big question are the students being asked to deal with?)

Goals/Objectives/Outcomes of the Lesson: (What specific learnings and levels of understanding do you want your students to achieve during this unit?)

The Final Product: (What final product/s do you want the kids to produce which will show that they have reached the goals and objectives of the unit?)

Project Overview: (Explain what your unit will "look" like when it is put into operation -- this is the place to talk about your unit's activities!)

Time Frame: (What is the time frame of this unit?)

Resources / Materials / Technology Utilized:

How Will You Utilize Local, State, and/or National Partnerships? (people, organizations, web sites, etc.)

Anticipated Artifacts Resulting From this Unit: (both student and teacher!)

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