Why technology?

"Technology is often the Trojan Horse through which innovation enters the school."
Chris Held, educator in Bellevue, Washington

"The problem is this: we are still too timid to restructure our schools in profound, rather than in superficial ways. And only when we stop being timid will we stop undermining the educational potential of this new technology."
Keith Geiger, president of the NEA

Is an increasingly important part of the world.

Students become globally aware and able to use resources that exist outside the school.

Can individualize instruction.

Students become more proficient at accessing, evaluating, and communicating information.

Can foster an increase in the quantity and quality of students' thinking and writing.

Provides students with the tools to solve complex problems.

Can nurture artistic expression.

Creates opportunities for students to do meaningful work.
"Why Use Technology", Kyle L. Peck and Denise Dorricott, The Best of Educational Leadership, April 1994

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the arts?

constructivist model?


interdisciplinary teaching?