Part 1: Three day workshop dealing with

  • The foundations of Discipline Based Art Education
  • The foundations of Constructivist Theory
  • Building constructivist units
  • Internet exploration of arts/humanities resources
  • Hands-on arts activities
  • Peer mentoring
  • Assessments/Building rubrics
  • Creating units
  • Large group interaction
  • Small group interaction
  • Arts resources awareness

Part 2: Mentor support line

  • This online, technology supported listserv will link workshop participants with their Community Discovered mentors throughout the school year. This support system is designed to promote the team-building that is essential to the process of curriculum development.

Part 3: Three day follow-up workshop designed to give teachers the opportunity to complete the 6 R's

  • REVIEW concepts taught in the first workshop
  • REVISIT their units
  • REFLECT on their units
  • REVISE units
  • REFINE units
  • REAFFIRM the commitment to the workshop goal

staff development model


the arts?

constructivist model?


interdisciplinary teaching?