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Staff Development Model Staff Development Model

CD Curriculum Units Curriculum Units/Lessons

Units and lessons are to incorporate into existing curriculum the four strands of the grant: arts integration with a DBAE approach, technology integration, constructivist learning theory, and interdisciplinary curriculum.

CD Resources Resources

Web sites & sources of information to assist participating teachers.

CD Special Interest Groups Special Interest Groups

Special focus on subjects such as Posters, Latino Art, Storytelling, Folk Art, Public Sculpture, and Post Office Murals.

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Read the grant abstract, goals, and other background information.

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View surveys, data, and more from the Evaluation Team.



Part 1: Three day workshop dealing with

  • The foundations of Discipline Based Art Education
  • The foundations of Constructivist Theory
  • Building constructivist units
  • Internet exploration of arts/humanities resources
  • Hands-on arts activities
  • Peer mentoring
  • Assessments/Building rubrics
  • Creating units
  • Large group interaction
  • Small group interaction
  • Arts resources awareness

Part 2: Mentor support line

  • This online, technology supported listserv will link workshop participants with their Community Discovered mentors throughout the school year. This support system is designed to promote the team-building that is essential to the process of curriculum development.

Part 3: Three day follow-up workshop designed to give teachers the opportunity to complete the 6 R's

  • REVIEW concepts taught in the first workshop
  • REVISIT their units
  • REFLECT on their units
  • REVISE units
  • REFINE units
  • REAFFIRM the commitment to the workshop goal

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