Plaque at Fort Omaha Commemorating Trial of Standing Bear

Standing Bear Trunk Inventory
for The Community Discovered Teachers


"Standing Bear and the Ponca Chiefs" by Thomas Henry Tibbles (3 copies) ISBN: 0-8032-9426-3

"Daily Life in a Plains Indian Village 1868" by Michael Bad Hand Terry (3 copies) ISBN: 0-395-97499-2

"Native American Sign Language" by Madeline Olsen (3 copies) ISBN: 0-8167-4509-9

"The Flag in American Art " by Herbst and Kopp (Catalog from exhibit at Sheldon) ISBN: 0-295-97313-7


General Crook's Quarters at Fort Omaha

Other Printed Material:

In the Standing Bear Opera Folder:
Libretto for The Trial of Standing Bear Opera
Standing Bear Persona Writing Project Characters
Standing Bear Bibliography of Related Books

In the Curriculum Ideas Folder:
Perspectives Connections Ideas
Identity Connections Ideas
Traditions and Change Ideas
Frontiers Ideas
Information on Connections for Standing Bear Lake Wind Sculpture
All Transparencies except 3 Jaune Quick-to-See Smith and 2 Poster

In the Modern Native American Indian Issues
Printed information on Native American artist Jaune Quick-To-See Smith
Text for poster image from the NMAA Poster Exhibit
The Bureau of Indian Affairs: A Legacy of Mistrust
Five Transparencies : Quick-to-See Smith and Poster

Historical Map of Fort Omaha and Walking tour (3 copies)
Powerful Images - Portrayals of Native America Family Guide (Catalog from exhibit at NMWA)
The Indian Congress at the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition 1898 (Booklet from Trans-Mississippi Exposition Centennial Celebration)
General Crook House brochure
Douglas County Fair & Expo 1858-1999 brochure

"Wind Organ" sculpture at Standing Bear Lake in Omaha

Video: "Wind Organ" sculpture by Doug Hollis located at Standing Bear Lake (approx. 4 minutes in length, information sheet included)
"The Trial of Standing Bear" produced by NPTV (approx. 2 hours in length)

CD ROM: "Wind Organ" sculpture by Doug Hollis located at Standing Bear Lake (approx. 4 minutes in length, information sheet included)

Ledger Drawing


"Three Flags" by Jasper Johns
"Flags" by Jasper Johns

Images from The Flag in American Art:

"Ledger Drawing" Mountain Crow, page 111
"Painted Hide" Shoshone, page 119
"Gauntlets" Lakota, page 43
"Child's Saddle" Lakota, page 99
"Parfleche Saddlebag" Lakota, page 70

Karl Bodmer images are from the book Karl Bodmer's America, Joslyn Art Museum and University of Nebraska Press, ISBN: 0-8032-1185-6 This book was donated by the Enron Corp. to many Omaha area schools in 1987. Check with your school librarian to see if it is in your building.

"Schuh-De-Ga-Che, Ponca Chief' by Karl Bodmer
"Ho-Ta-Ma, Ponca Man" by Karl Bodmer
"Passitopa, Ponca Man" by Karl Bodmer
"Ponca Men" by Karl Bodmer
"Ponca Camp" by Karl Bodmer
"Omaha Man" by Karl Bodmer
"Omaha Boy" by Karl Bodmer
"Omaha Men" by Karl Bodmer

These Images are in the folder: Modern Native American Issues

"Osage Orange" (1985) by Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
"Trade (gifts for trading land with white people)" by Jaune Quick-To-See Smith
"Genesis" by Jaune Quick-To-See Smith
"This Is How the White Man's Law Fits the Indian" by J. Gokey
"Listen to the Drum: Name your Tribe, Answer the Census" by Jerry Ingram

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