Quick Cam Instructions


How To Install the QuickCam

1. With the computer OFF, remove the camera from the box and plug the cable into the serial port of your Mac. The modem port is the preferred port for the camera.

2. Turn on the Mac and hold down the SHIFT key to disable all extensions such as virus protection.

3. Insert the QuickCam installation disk #1 and double click the QuickCam installer. A dialog box will appear. Be sure that you are doing a Custom Install and make sure that the Install Location is your machine's hard drive. Now click the Install button.

4. Your machine will call for the second installation disk to be inserted. Insert it.

5. Follow the onscreen prompts until the dialog box tells you that the QuickCam has been installed. You will be asked to RESTART your machine. Click the OK button. When the machine restarts, you will be ready to use the QuickCam.


Taking a Picture

1. Go to your hard drive and locate the QuickCam software that you have just installed. When you click on that folder, you will see all of the items you have installed. It looks like this:



2. Double click on the QuickPict icon.


A new window will appear on your screen that looks like this:

Yes, this is YOU as seen byyour QuickCam. It is a live look at what the QuickCam is seeing.You can adjust the brightness by sliding the brightness bar.


When you take your picture, QuickCam will need to know where you want to save it. If you want to save the picture to a disk or to your harddrive, choose the disk icon.If you want to save to your clipboard, click on the icon and it will change to a picture of a clipboard.

3. When you are ready to take the picture, smile, say "Cheese", and click the TAKE PICTURE button. The picture you have taken will freeze on the screen and, if you are saving to a disk, you will be presented with a standard Save dialog box:

4. Type in a name for this image in the box given.

5. Choose the File Format from the pull down menu. You will probably want to save the file as a PICT file since virtually all Mac programs that work with graphic files support the PICT format.

6. Make sure you are saving the picture into the correct folder and then click on SAVE.

7. You will now return to the display window. You may take another picture if you desire OR you can select QUIT from the FILE menu to leave the program.


Using Color It! Software


Installing the Program:

1. The Color It! software is on the Multi-Media Learning Tools CDROM and must be installed on your hard drive. Be sure to choose EASY INSTALL and make sure that you are installing it on your hard drive. Then click on Install button.

2. Restart your machine when you the installation is completed.


Using the Software


1. Before beginning, make sure that you have saved the portrait that you want to superimpose your photo onto. Be sure to save this portrait as a PICT file and save it in the same folder as your saved QuickCam photo. This will make your work easier!

2. Also, go to your control panel and turn OFF Virtual Reality if you have it turned on.

3. Go to the hard drive and click twice on the Color It folder.

When the folder opens, double click on the Color It! 3.0 icon to open the program.

4. Once the program is open, go to the Menu under File and pull down to OPEN.

5. Another dialog box will appear asking you what photo you would like to open. Double click on the Quick Cam photo icon to open your photo.

6. The photo will open on your screen.

7. Now go back to the menu and and under FILE pull down to OPEN

8. This time when the dialog box appears, double click on the saved artist's portrait that you will be using.

9. Now your screen will have BOTH your QuickCam photo AND the portrait which you downloaded from the Internet.

10. Now go to the Menu Bar and choose your tool kit and color kit so that they are displayed on your screen.

When they appear, they will be on the right hand side of your screen.

11. You will be working with the SELECTION TOOLS, so be sure to go to the pull down menu at the top of the Tools Kit and select SELECTION TOOLS.

12. Click on the QuickCam photo so that it is the one that is chosen on your computer screen.

13. Now choose the MARQUEE TOOL, which will let you select an area in a free- form fashion. You can closely follow the outline of an object and select it.

14. Using the marquee tool, press down on the mouse and drag around exactly what you want to cut out from this picture and put into your portrait. When you have outlined the object, let up on the mouse and you will see that this portion of the photo has been selected. Dancing ants will outline this area.

15. Now to to the Menu bar and go to EDIT; drag down to COPY,

16. Now click on the portrait on the other side of your screen to activate it. Again, go to the Menu bar to EDIT and drag down to PASTE.


17. The portion of your photo that you just cut out is now pasted onto the portrait. Position this portion where you want it. Then using the tools and colors, work with your photo to help make it blend into the portrait so that it does not look obvious that something foreign has been added. Be creative.

Remember, you want the finished product to look as natural as possible!


18. Now, use FlashIt to save the finished product to your disk or hard drive as a PICT file.

Remember, FLASHIT is SHIFT-OPEN APPLE-THREE (all 3 held down at once!)

It will turn your cursor into a cross with which you can select your creation. The screen will flash, and a save box will appear. Go ahead and name your creation and save it as you normally would.

19. This image can now be inserted into a ClarisWorks document OR a HyperStudio stack!