eSchool Students' Reactions and Hints


  • Make sure that all students can see the computer screen.
  • If students are going to be he typists, then switch typists for each questions so that more people get a chance.
  • Chat in smaller groups of students so that everyone can see and hear.
  • When there is more than one conversation going on at a time in the same chat room, things get confusing! Either use a chat room for each topic OR stick to one topic.
  • Everyone didn't get to "push" their website so some students' work did not get discussed.
  • Even on the big screen the chat box is very difficult to read.
  • Involve everyone in some way!
  • Limit the number of people involved in the chat! Who were all those people?
  • A computer lab environment would be a good place for this to happen because then you could have 2-3 people on one computer and everyone could see.


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