Ideas for Participation/Interaction

Using ACTV/eSchool Technology


Schools associated with The Community Discovered are invited to participate in eSchool, a hypermedia technology that allows you to do live, online chats at the same time that you can see web pages that you either share or receive from others who are participating. To get an idea of how this technology works, see our ASCD 2000 presentation.

The Community Discovered staff is prepared to facilitate a tailored eSchool event. All you need is a curriculum connection that you want to pursue, and we will work to coordinate and facilitate the activity, even to the point of trying to locate online experts who may be able to use eSchool technology at their remote site. Contact Tom Albertsen, Project Technology Coordinator, The Community Discovered for more information.

The list below contains suggested ideas from The Community Discovered office that could be used as a sharing, interactive activity using the ACTV/eSchool web page push and chat technology. A prerequisite is that all shared/pushed web pages need to reside on a server. If you do not have available server access, contact Tom Albertsen to arrange server space through The Community Discovered.


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