Who's Involved?

Mission Statement: The Virtual Conference will be an electronic forum for learners to explore how works of art reflect and celebrate human experience.

Participating Teachers:

Vicki La Porte (Lexington)
Barb Dinslage (WCS)
Carl Clark
Marla Fries
Linda Leary
Barb Otto
James Campbell
Selenas Mingus (G.I.)

Rebecca Sharpe (OPS)
Wanda Duff
Debi Deines
Tina Buda
Jim Wherrett
Pat Weddle
Steve Bross
Linda Engel (N.C.)
Carleen Plog

Who do I contact to get involved?

Grand Island Public Schools- Sue Rasmussen
Lexington Public Schools- Colleen Bowker
Nebraska City Schools- Linda Engel
Westside Community Schools- Colette deFrey
Winnebago Public Schools- Rhonda Heise
Omaha Public Schools- Steve Bross
ConferNet Coordinator- Donalyn Heise

Who's Doing What? Find out actual events taking place during ConferNet '99.

Planning Committees:
ConferNet Coordinator -
Donalyn Heise

Pontier Sackrey
Ron Abdouch
Cheri McIntyre
Judy Samson


Neal Grandgenett
Janet Macklem

David Stratton
Linda Engel
Sue Reiber
Sue Burch
Cheri McIntyre
Bill Menousek
Dennis McIntyre
Erik Clark

Millennial Planning:
Ron Abdouch
Carl Clark
Liz Hoffman
Sheila Brown
Robin Kammandel

Margaret Proskovec
Jane Lavino
Carl Clark
Cindy McWhirter
Sheila Brown
Barb Dinslage
Dennis Hansen

Questions and Comments:

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