About ConferNet '99

Mission Statement: The Virtual Conference will be an electronic forum for learners to explore how works of art reflect and celebrate human experience.

A ConferNet is:

  • An interactive structured meeting
  • Not limited to geographic boundaries
  • Focused on a prescribed theme, purpose and outcome

A ConferNet will:

  • Bring students, ideas, and resources together
  • Use innovative technologies
  • Promote interaction reflection, creativity and evaluation


Students may:

  • Create an online exhibit of posters
  • Participate in an "Ask a Docent" online session
  • Engage in online discussion with experts and peers
  • Interview others
  • Publish research findings
  • View the keynote address
  • Be the student keynote address!
  • Publish their writings
  • Design their own internet project to share globally!
This conference is
FOR Students!

Questions and Comments: ConferNet99@CommunityDiscovered
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