Yellow Chat Room

Fourth grade students at Hillside Elementary School answer questions posted by Kindergarten students at Prairie Lane Elementary School. Hillside students are logged in as guest1 and Prairie Lane students as Colette deFrey




Colette deFrey: Hello, Hello, is there anybody in there?

guest1: tis' Tom.

guest1: We're waiting for the kids to come.

Colette deFrey: The kindergarten kids are on the way!

Colette deFrey: Is everyone ready?

Colette deFrey: We have Aaron and Crissa ready with a questiuon for you

Colette deFrey: Do all lizaards lose their tails and grow new ones, or just some of them?

Colette deFrey: Please tell us your names when you answer

guest1: only some lizards do. Sarah

Colette deFrey: Our next qustion is about elephants

Colette deFrey: What do elephants do to their enemies? Do they stab them or trample them?

guest1: they mostly trample them. Dan h

Colette deFrey: Our next question is about a lion?

Colette deFrey: Our next question is about a lion?WHy do they have them?

Colette deFrey: OOPs, why do they have whiskers?

Colette deFrey: What do whiskers do?

Colette deFrey: Do you know the answer to this one?

guest1: so they know wich way the wind is blowing. Danielle N

Colette deFrey: why is that important?

Colette deFrey: Our next question is about camels

guest1: to know wich way to go. Danielle

Colette deFrey: Why do they have humps? And why do they have only two toes

guest1: they store fat in there humps. Sara

Colette deFrey: Our next question is about giraffes.

guest1: so they don't sink in the sand. Sara

Colette deFrey: Why do they have long tongues

guest1: so they can reach high branches. Jake

guest1: we have to leave now, bye

Colette deFrey: Thank you for answering your questions

Colette deFrey: aaron

Colette deFrey: 8qfasshsatae

Colette deFrey: haqvbq seej

Colette deFrey: My next group will be coming in a few minutes

Colette deFrey: Our queestion is about elephants

Colette deFrey: Why do elephants have such long trunks?

Colette deFrey: Is anyone in the yellow room?

guest1: hi how are you?What is your first question

guest1: Is anyone there

colette deFrey: We had some problems

colette deFrey: We are back

colette deFrey: WEhy do elephants have such long trunks?

guest1: So they can reach things

colette deFrey: Matthew says they can also pull things out of the ground with their trunks

colette deFrey: Now we want to know about the lion

colette deFrey: Why is the male's mane so big and the lady lion's is small?

colette deFrey: By the way, our names are King, Matthew and Sara

colette deFrey: Who are you?

guest1: we are Marjorie,Brandon,Taylur,Ashlee,and Ben

guest1: Oh yhea the male is the only lion with a mane.The female doesn't have a mane.

colette deFrey: Now the kangaroo

colette deFrey: How are their babies born?

colette deFrey: Also, do they kick and why?

guest1: Ashlee doesn't know about the baby thing

colette deFrey: Matthew says they grow in their body and then pop out into the pouch

colette deFrey: Their heads stick out of the pouch

guest1: they kick for self defense

colette deFrey: Why do they kick? Do they punch?

guest1: They don't punch but they box!

guest1: Hello!!!!!!

colette deFrey: Do tigers have night vision?

guest1: We are not sure. The tiger expert isn't here!

colette deFrey: W're not sure if it does or not. But matthew thinks they don't

guest1: Do you have any questions about girraffe

colette deFrey: Why do they have those horns on their heads?

guest1: For defense!

guest1: Sorry we've gota go.Bye!

colette deFrey: We've got togo now. Goodbye and thank you. See you later!


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