May 2, 2001


Sixth grade students at Oakdale Elementary School ask questions of students at Westside Middle School about becoming a middle school student. The middle school students are represented by guest1 and the elementary students by Ron Abdouch





Ron Abdouch: Hey! we're ready.

guest1: Hi i'm Seth, in the 8th grade at Westside

Ron Abdouch: Hey, this is Jaime, Beth, Olga, and Stephanie

guest1: Do you guys haveany questions for me?

guest1: Hi

Ron Abdouch: yah

guest1: shoot

guest1: go ahead

Ron Abdouch: How many different sectiins are there in life lab?

guest1: There are 30 plus module, you take 18 a year

guest1: They have almost every subject you could want to learn about

Ron Abdouch: o do u get to pick the ones that u would like to do?

guest1: Yeah, you get to pick some from Family and Consumer Studies, and some from Technology

Ron Abdouch: o kewl

guest1: other questions?

Ron Abdouch: ok, on to our next question...what exactly do u do in homeroom?

guest1: At WMS we call home room discovery. In discovery you listen to annuncements.

guest1: It kind of depends on your homeroom

Ron Abdouch: is that all u do?

guest1: We have social skills, a lot of times you get to play games in homeroom

guest1: It's quite fun

Ron Abdouch: ok

Ron Abdouch: kewl

Ron Abdouch: who, in your opinion, is the best homeroom teacher?

guest1: Liz, saysMs. O'Conner was cool in 7th grade.

guest1: I have Mr. Borsheim, andwe can do pretty much whatever we want

Ron Abdouch: ok

Ron Abdouch: what about Mrs. Duggan?

guest1: no comment; offically "All Westside teachersare excellent."

Ron Abdouch: Have u ever gotten lost at WMS?

Ron Abdouch: lol

guest1: No, on the first day of school you get your assignment notebook which hasa map

guest1: The teachers are helpful the first week in finding your classes

Ron Abdouch: wow, it's that big that u need a map?

guest1: Don't worry.... you wont need it.

guest1: We have a bloc system

Ron Abdouch: ok

guest1: All of your teachers will be next to each other

Ron Abdouch: how do the counslers help us in the middle school, i mean, what do they do?

Ron Abdouch: what sports r there for us girls?

guest1: We have them if you need counciling help. They can also change classes,and your locker

combination for you.

Ron Abdouch: o

Ron Abdouch: ok

guest1: Sports for girls

Ron Abdouch: yah

guest1: 7th grade sports are mostly intermurals, but you can do track and cross country

Ron Abdouch: wut about boyz?

guest1: Same, but intermural football isadded for boys

Ron Abdouch: o

Ron Abdouch: ok

guest1: In 8th grade there is footballbasketball

guest1: vollyball

guest1: and 7th and8th wrestling

Ron Abdouch: o

guest1: What else do you want to know?

Ron Abdouch: mm......... when do you start service hours?

guest1: i assume you are talking about the high school, it starts the summer after 8th grade. We do one

service project a year with our bloc though.

Ron Abdouch: o!

Ron Abdouch: gotcha

Ron Abdouch: what do u do in activity clubs??

guest1: Activity clubs are every other Friday

Ron Abdouch: k

guest1: There are many activity club

guest1: s

Ron Abdouch: like what?\

Ron Abdouch: ??

guest1: Bowling, Skateland, Basketball, Football, Nailart,Starwars etc.

Ron Abdouch: Fun!

Ron Abdouch: we have 2 min.

Colette deFrey: hi

Ron Abdouch: hey

Ron Abdouch: we g2g cya bye

Ron Abdouch: thanx!

guest1: bye

Ron Abdouch: The next group is on its way! Hang in there!

guest1: ok

guest1: weareswitching too

Ron Abdouch: hi we are here

guest1: Hi

guest1: this is Mitch

guest1: What's your name?

Ron Abdouch: i am garrett ,cassling, nick,aj, kyle, adam

guest1: ok

guest1: so what do you guys want to know?

Ron Abdouch: do we have to be in clubs

guest1: yes, you have to join a club because we have days when we do something in a club for 45 minutes or

so, if you don't want to be then you can go to study hall

Ron Abdouch: are there alot of bullys

guest1: no

Ron Abdouch: sweet

guest1: there are the ones that want to be bullys but they really aren't

Ron Abdouch: what clubs are there

guest1: all sports, beside winter ones, nail art, spomge art, movie clubs,a nd some others that a few people

do like the music ones

Ron Abdouch: will we see any people from other blocks

guest1: yes, you have passing period between classes and if yo have time then you cango talk to other


Ron Abdouch: do you ever get lost at first

guest1: yes, but on the firstday they let you go find all your classes so just remember what path you took

Ron Abdouch: do you get mass homework

guest1: in some classes

Ron Abdouch: do we get food in home room

guest1: like in your language, math a lot of times, and english, social studies and science all you have to do is

pay attention

guest1: no, only when you take SAT tests

Ron Abdouch: what are some of the classes do you take in 7th grade

guest1: english, math, science, social studies, gym/SFS, and two electives, homeroom,

guest1: if you are in EY then there is a whole bunch

guest1: others

Ron Abdouch: are there any vending matchens in the hall, if so what do you have

guest1: there are vending machines by the entrance to the cafeteria, but the turn them off during school, all

the candy/chips, pop, juice

Ron Abdouch: what do you do in legacies

guest1: you have snacks, and go to different places like golfing, modeling, skating, forest

Ron Abdouch: how much time do you have to move to other classes

guest1: 3-4 minutes usually 4

Ron Abdouch: are the clubs daly

guest1: no about 4-6 a quarter

guest1: you know of school?

Ron Abdouch: Are you a boy or a girl

guest1: boy

Ron Abdouch: How tall are you

guest1: 5'2

guest1: why?

Ron Abdouch: Im 5'9

guest1: cool

Ron Abdouch: What is your favorite lunch food at the middle school?

guest1: probaly...................the pizza hut pizza

guest1: or chips

Ron Abdouch: Do you play basketball, I play on a select team

guest1: no i dont like basketball

guest1: i play soccer

Ron Abdouch: What is your favorite NBA team

guest1: i don't follow the NBA

Ron Abdouch: I got my picture with Karl Malone and my favorite team is the jazz

guest1: sweet

Ron Abdouch: goodbye

guest1: bye

Ron Abdouch: Nice talking to you

guest1: same here

guest1: thanks

Ron Abdouch: bye bye bye

guest1: is that AJ chedel

Ron Abdouch: Over and out!

guest1: ok bye


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