May 2, 2001


Sixth grade students at Oakdale Elementary School ask questions of students at Westside Middle School about becoming a middle school student. The middle school students are represented by Tom Albertsen and the elementary students by Carol Fleming





Carol Fleming: hello were ready

Carol Fleming: what up

Tom Albertsen: Hi, I'm Liz. I'm in eigth grade.

Carol Fleming: my names matt

Tom Albertsen: nice to meet you, matt

Tom Albertsen: Is Mrs.Fleming your teacher?

Carol Fleming: koo do u know allie cunningham

Tom Albertsen: lol. yeah, she's my friend.

Tom Albertsen: how do you know her?

Carol Fleming: shes my sister

Tom Albertsen: hey, buddy. i went to beaver lake last year with you.

Tom Albertsen: for her birthday party

Carol Fleming: oh yeah

Tom Albertsen: i bet you still don't know who i am... but you've met me

Tom Albertsen: i was at your house yesterday; i gave her a ride home

Tom Albertsen: so... do you have any questions about anything at middle school?

Carol Fleming: yeah

Tom Albertsen: shoot

Carol Fleming: how much time inbetween classes

Tom Albertsen: usually about 4 minutes. it varies, but that's the average.

Carol Fleming: ?????????

Carol Fleming: k

Carol Fleming: how many socials r there

Tom Albertsen: it's not too hard to get to your classes... but sometimes, if you go to your locker, tardiness is

a problem

Tom Albertsen: it depends. there's usually 2 dances a year, a talent show... and lots of misc. events

Carol Fleming: nice

Tom Albertsen: isn't oakdale having an ice cream social?

Tom Albertsen: is that on friday?

Carol Fleming: is it hard to find ur way around

Tom Albertsen: no... you definately get used to it. and, there's maps inside your assignment notebooks

Tom Albertsen: ice cream social?

Carol Fleming: did u get lost on ur first day

Carol Fleming: idk about the ice cream thing

Tom Albertsen: no, i don't think i did. it really isn't as hard as it seems... but... i AM a little worried about

getting lost at highschool

Carol Fleming: r the teachers nice

Tom Albertsen: i think at both places the teachers understand if you get lost the first week

Tom Albertsen: yep. my advice is to start our the year really well; then, they have a higher opinion of you and

the rest of the year is more fun

Tom Albertsen: you'll have more opportunitites, then

Carol Fleming: do they let u chew gum

Carol Fleming: ?????

Tom Albertsen: most do. obviously, science classes and comp. lab classes don't let you.

Carol Fleming: thats what i thought

Tom Albertsen: are you ready for middle school?

Carol Fleming: do they give lots of homework

Tom Albertsen: well, compared to MY sixth grade teacher... not at all. but, i think under normal circumstances

there's a little more.

Carol Fleming: who is the best teachr in yur opinion

Tom Albertsen: are you the only person at the computer right now?

Carol Fleming: no it is now kayci

Carol Fleming: but matt is still here

Tom Albertsen: (I liked Mr.Brian, he's gone now. So... Mrs.Telich is my favorite. she's strict but really good.)

Tom Albertsen: ok

Carol Fleming: is there a soccer team

Tom Albertsen: are Olga, Jaime, Beth and Stephanie in the same room as you?

Carol Fleming: yes

Tom Albertsen: no, but there's an "Activity Club" that's based on soccer

Tom Albertsen: but no teams... not even intramurals

Carol Fleming: is there a volleyball team

Carol Fleming: is ther volleyball

Tom Albertsen: yeah. in 7th grade all sports are intramurals

Carol Fleming: do girls and boys play v-ball together

Tom Albertsen: but there's cross country, volleyball, track, basketball

Carol Fleming: are boys and girls separated in pe

Tom Albertsen: there's no guys vball team... but if they wanted to, i'm sure they could join girls intr.

Tom Albertsen: yeah, in 7th. In 8th, they're together

Tom Albertsen: you have to wear uniforms in PE. and in 7th grade-for my friends- it was embarrasing for guys

to see, but usually, by 8th grade you don't care that much

Carol Fleming: that

Carol Fleming: that's all the questinons we have

Tom Albertsen: ok, well, i'm gonna be here 'til 10:30.

Tom Albertsen: think of some more.

Tom Albertsen: :)

Carol Fleming: ok

Tom Albertsen: are you nervous?

Carol Fleming: no

Carol Fleming: here is matt again

Tom Albertsen: good. i'm a little scared for highschool

Tom Albertsen: hi matt!

Colette deFrey: hi

Colette deFrey: im liz

Carol Fleming: soo

Tom Albertsen: who is this?

Carol Fleming: matt

Tom Albertsen: how many people are at the computer?

Tom Albertsen: did you switch computers?

Carol Fleming: no theres 4 peepz

Tom Albertsen: ?who?

Carol Fleming: 4 people

Tom Albertsen: ok

Carol Fleming: g2g

Tom Albertsen: are you guys all taking spanish next year?

Tom Albertsen: ok

Carol Fleming: i am

Tom Albertsen: talk to you later

Carol Fleming: bye now

Tom Albertsen: :) good luck in middleschool

Carol Fleming: We have anew group coming in. Please wait a few minutes!

Tom Albertsen: ok

Tom Albertsen: <*)))<

Carol Fleming: We're still here and waiting. Be patient

Tom Albertsen: ok

Carol Fleming: hi were here

Tom Albertsen: hi! i'm liz. who am i talking to?

Carol Fleming: i'm chris, grant,

Carol Fleming: and sarah

Tom Albertsen: cool. do you have any questions about

Carol Fleming: yes

Tom Albertsen: ok...

Carol Fleming: what are the pe uniforns like

Tom Albertsen: go ahead

Tom Albertsen: they are little black cotton shorts (think long boxers w/ a drawstring) and a regular grey TShirt

Tom Albertsen: both have a space to write your name w/ a cool marker. they're pretty darn awesome

Carol Fleming: that sucks

Tom Albertsen: my thoughts exactly.

Tom Albertsen: but... in 7th grade, you don't have PE w/ the opposite sex. (a saving grace based on those


Carol Fleming: are the boys cute from sa

Tom Albertsen: anything else you want to know?

Carol Fleming: arh

Tom Albertsen: what's sa?

Carol Fleming: sarah

Tom Albertsen: (all of this gets posted on the internet later...) but... theu

Carol Fleming: just kidding

Tom Albertsen: *they're pretty much the same... but w/ greater variety

Tom Albertsen: lol

Tom Albertsen: don't worry.

Tom Albertsen: do you know what's really cool about this school, though...

Carol Fleming: no

Tom Albertsen: they have ice cream for lunch! and an assortment of pre-packaged foods.... you can't go

wrong w/ that.

Carol Fleming: what sports are open to 7 grade

Tom Albertsen: hey, do you guys know about the oakdale ice cream social... when is it?

Tom Albertsen: cross country, basketball, volleyball and wrestling, and track

Tom Albertsen: (all of those are intramural for 7th grade0

Carol Fleming: is there baseball, football

Tom Albertsen: no. and yes.

Carol Fleming: Wha grade are u in?

Tom Albertsen: 8

Carol Fleming: Kewl!

Tom Albertsen: did you guys sign up to talk on this? or were you volunteered?

Carol Fleming: By the way this is Sarah!!

Tom Albertsen: ok

Tom Albertsen: So, is Mrs.Fleming your teacher?

Carol Fleming: We have to for Guidance

Tom Albertsen: I've heard-from all my Oakdalite friends- that she is the coolest teacher ever

Tom Albertsen: ok

Tom Albertsen: chat w/ you later

Carol Fleming: No, waity

Tom Albertsen: ohhh

Tom Albertsen: nevermind.

Carol Fleming: Sweet!

Tom Albertsen: :) lol, that was a blonde moment, huh?

Carol Fleming: What school were u from?

Tom Albertsen: Rockbrook

Tom Albertsen: do you know anyone from there?

Carol Fleming: Ya...

Tom Albertsen: (first names only)

Carol Fleming: Juilie, and other kids

Tom Albertsen: what grade is she in? and what color hair.

Carol Fleming: brown hair and 6

Tom Albertsen: ohh, don't know her

Carol Fleming: Good!

Tom Albertsen: :O

Carol Fleming: R the teachers strict?

Tom Albertsen: not really at all.

Carol Fleming: Kewl!:)

Tom Albertsen: Mrs.Telich... she teaches French and Spanish... is really strict w/ 7th graders... but if you

stick with it... in 8th grade she's awesome

Carol Fleming: Is the principal nice?

Tom Albertsen: she's probably my favorite teacher here

Tom Albertsen: umm, yeah, it's kind of funny...

Carol Fleming: I have heard of Mrs. Telich. I am taking Spanish next year...

Tom Albertsen: because our principal is very short and blonde. and our vice principal is like "the enforcer;"

he's a really big guy. they're both very nice, though

Carol Fleming: Isn't the principal a teacher at UNO?

Tom Albertsen: yeah, Telich gets better. just don't give up! (and ALWAYS do your homework)

Carol Fleming: What r the dances like?

Tom Albertsen: yes. she teaches a night class

Tom Albertsen: (I didn't even know that our principal did that!)

Tom Albertsen: well, the dances can be really fun... if people build up the nerve to dance!

Tom Albertsen: but if you don't want to do that...

Carol Fleming: So... How about u start up a new and more interesting conversation...

Tom Albertsen: there's usually one of those inflatable play things... and food and stuff

Tom Albertsen: lol...]

Tom Albertsen: ok...

Tom Albertsen: but...

Carol Fleming: this grant

Carol Fleming: ,kjdfghjghjghjggAUYTEWYUGYUQGAytdfUL<Yvfusvhdghjydghjdfgjfgb,hrebgbH

Tom Albertsen: i have to pretend like i'm talking to my grandmother (according to my teacher) because this is

all going to be up on the net later. so, people can read it

Carol Fleming: sorry

Tom Albertsen: lol

Tom Albertsen: no problem

Tom Albertsen: grant... what do you wanna know about WMS?

Tom Albertsen: ?

Carol Fleming: is it fun

Tom Albertsen: yeah. but, anything is if you make it that way

Carol Fleming: how much homework do you have

Tom Albertsen: well, i am in some classes that are not required... so i have a little more than most people...

Tom Albertsen: but i'd say that 30-45minutes a night

Tom Albertsen: some people have more, and some people have less... it all just depends

Carol Fleming: how many socials are there

Tom Albertsen: are any of you in EY?

Carol Fleming: yes

Tom Albertsen: umm... that depends, too. there's usually a couple dances, a talent show and some other


Tom Albertsen: what independent-guided study courses are you taking?

Carol Fleming: cool

Carol Fleming: bye

Carol Fleming: g2g u are sooo coll

Carol Fleming: cool

Tom Albertsen: so you later, guys. hope you love middle school. :)

Carol Fleming: are are you in 7th grade

Tom Albertsen: no, 8th grade

Carol Fleming: That was AJ he doesn't know anything...vy6aju7

Carol Fleming: Thax bye!!

Tom Albertsen: bye

Carol Fleming: bye

Carol Fleming: bye

Carol Fleming: bye


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