Westside 7th Grade English Students

eSchool Chat/Web Push with

Robin Davis, The Community Discovered and Hillside Students



Robin Davis: Hello?

Sally Findley: Hi, Robin!

Sally Findley: Waiting for Linda to make the move into the red room.

Linda Leary: were here in red

Sally Findley: Hi, Linda!

Robin Davis: Hi Sally, Hi Linda!

Sally Findley: We have the students here, so I'm (Tom) going to turn the keyboard over to them.

Robin Davis: Whoops! Sorry Tom, didn't recognize you.

Sally Findley: Linda we are ready for your students questions

Linda Leary: what medium did you use for the pictures

Sally Findley: we used colored pencils

Robin Davis: Has a web page been pushed yet?

Sally Findley: yes

Linda Leary: why did you pick this story

Sally Findley: We got assigned to this story

Linda Leary: Did you like this story.

Sally Findley: Yes we did

Sally Findley: have you read the story?

Linda Leary: Why or why not

Linda Leary: Yes

Sally Findley: we liked it because of it's action

Linda Leary: What was your favorite character

Sally Findley: Theseus because he was brave and willing to sacrifice himself

Linda Leary: We dont have any more questions do you have any for us

Sally Findley: What do you think of our pictures?

Linda Leary: We think they are really good

Sally Findley: who was your favorite character in the book and why

Linda Leary: Minotaur because he was part bull part human

Sally Findley: if you dont' ahve any more qwuestions, then we'll kput the youing man on who did

the Persueus picture

Sally Findley: Here is Ben to talk about Perseus. Do you have any questions for him?

Linda Leary: We will have more sixith graders Comeing in 10 minutes see you later

Linda Leary: The next students will be asking questions about Narcissus and Echo and Pandora's


Sally Findley: We donm't have anyone here to do Narcissus, but we do for Pandora's box. I'll get

them over here. That will be in a few minutes, right?

Linda Leary: Yes, they are supposed to be in about 1:25

Sally Findley: kRobin do you have any commetns you'd like to give?

Robin Davis: The students seemed to have a good conservation going so I didn't interrupt.

Robin Davis: actually conversation

Robin Davis: I don't have the web page up - I didn't know if it would goof it up for everyone else If I

typed in the URL

Sally Findley: here it comes

Sally Findley: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

Robin Davis: Excellent 3-D drawing of the box!

Sally Findley: thank you

Sally Findley: do you have any questions?

Robin Davis: Is this Annah or Jodie?

Sally Findley: this is both of us

Sally Findley: I'm Jodie and typing

Robin Davis: How did you come up with the creatures to represent the evils?

Robin Davis: Were they described in the story?

Sally Findley: THe story had a small description of them and we based it on that

Robin Davis: They do look like trouble!

Sally Findley: yeah they do look like trouble and the story said that they look like small lizard like


Robin Davis: Was the box made of gold?

Sally Findley: yes it was

Robin Davis: It was a good ideas to draw the yellow lines to make it look like the gold was shining

Sally Findley: thank you

Linda Leary: Hillside is back on were going to be talking about narcissus and echo and pandora's


Sally Findley: did you notice that the box came with a key to open it?\

Linda Leary: yes

Robin Davis: Yes. Did you find it difficult to draw the box in perspective?

Sally Findley: Hello Linda

Sally Findley: No

Sally Findley: Linda, do you have any questions?

Linda Leary: what was the media?

Sally Findley: We used Colored pencils and markers

Linda Leary: why did you choose that?

Sally Findley: actually it was what was availible

Linda Leary: Did you like the story? why or why not?

Sally Findley: We both liked the story because it explained where the illnesses of mankind came


Linda Leary: what was your favorite part of the story?

Sally Findley: When she opened the box and the creatures came out

Sally Findley: Robin, are you still there?

Robin Davis: Yes indeed!

Sally Findley: Do you have any questions?

Robin Davis: Why did you decide to not show hope at the bottom of the box?

Linda Leary: what was favorite illistration?

Sally Findley: because it was still in the box

Robin Davis: I get it, it wouldn't show unless the box was tipped.

Sally Findley: Linda please repeat the question

Sally Findley: yep

Linda Leary: in what ways are you like Pandora?

Sally Findley: annah is......because she is very quiet

Sally Findley: bye we have to go-- here is Ben

Sally Findley: Hey guys I did the picture on Perseus

Robin Davis: Ahhhhh! Scary!! What is happening?

Sally Findley: Medusa's head turns people to stone.

Linda Leary: I need to ask questions about Perseus

Sally Findley: Shoot.

Linda Leary: I did not read that story tell me about it

Linda Leary: :-)

Sally Findley: Perseus was the son of Zeus. He and his mother lived on an island called Sephiros.

THe king liked his mother, so he wanted Perseus to go away. THe king planned a fake wedding

and Perseus said he would get the head for a present.....

Linda Leary: Thanks

Sally Findley: Well, he got the head, came back to the island, and turned the king to stone with the

head of Medusa.

Sally Findley: Well, I have a minute till class, so I have to go quite soon. Thank you very much for

talking with me. See you later.

Linda Leary: what was the media

Sally Findley: colored

Sally Findley: pencils

Linda Leary: why did choose the story

Robin Davis: So that is the hand of Perseus holding the head?

Linda Leary: did Perseus use a mirror to cut off the head

Sally Findley: This is Tom. The bell sounded and we had to get the students going.

Linda Leary: We have to sign off

Sally Findley: Thanks to all of you for your fantastic participation!!

Robin Davis: bye!

Linda Leary: thank you bye :-(

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