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Woody Dowling, Smithsonian American Art Museum



Welcome to eSchool!

Colette deFrey:

Colette deFrey: Hello! Anyone out there!

Colette deFrey: Hello! Hello! Hello! Is there anybody in there?

Sally Findley: greetings!

Colette deFrey:

Sally Findley: Hi, Linda! This is Tom using Sally's account. Did you get my e-mail from Tina Buda?

Colette deFrey: Hi, Robin!

Sally Findley: Hi, Robin! How was the Joslyn?

Robin Davis: The parking lot was totally full! I had to make my own space!

Sally Findley: YooHoo! Linda! Ya' there?

Robin Davis: Hi Colette! Hi Sally!

Colette deFrey: Hold tight everyone! We are going to put Linda's group in the red room when she gets on

Colette deFrey: Robin, why don't you go with Linda's group too cause they may have to leave early.

Robin Davis: Ok

Sally Findley: Hey, Linda, do you need a wake up call????

Robin Davis: Should I go there now?

Colette deFrey: Why don't you wait till Linda gets here.

Robin Davis: Ok

Colette deFrey: Did the kids do a nice job at the Joslyn? Was Carl there iwth the Mavica?

Sally Findley: So, Robin, did you frequent the Old Market again today?

Robin Davis: The kids did great, Carl wasn't there, but his Mavica was - unfortunately the battery died before

they got all the shots they wanted.

Colette deFrey: Oh, no!

Colette deFrey: The bell just rung at WMS, so we're waiting for the kids.

Robin Davis: No, bummer, I didn't get to do ANY shopping! What a tragedy!

Linda Leary: Hi, I'm waiting for the 6th grade students to arrive. They will be asking questions about Thesues

and Ariadne.

Colette deFrey: Also, we're waiting for Woody

Sally Findley: Linad and Robin. I need you to move into the red classroom at this time.

Robin Davis: Ok, bye!

Woody Dowling: Hi everyone!

Colette deFrey: Hi, Woody! We have two young ladies who will be talking about Pandora! Here they are

Colette deFrey: Have yougotten their picture yet?

Woody Dowling: No, would you please push the CD site for me

Colette deFrey: okay hold on a second please

Woody Dowling: Colette, this time I logged on "without video" and have the menu pick for classrooms

Colette deFrey:

Colette deFrey: You will stay in this classroom

Woody Dowling: Hi Annah! Hi Jodie!

Colette deFrey: We're ready Woody!

Woody Dowling: ok, perhaps Annah and Jodie could explain the elements of their picture

*** We used colored pencil ***

Colette deFrey: We used color pencils

Woody Dowling: does each creature represent something?

Colette deFrey: yes, they all represent the illnesses of mankind

Ron Abdouch: please push with Cd webpage again!!!

Woody Dowling: why did Pandora open the box? I thought she wasn't supposed to open it.

Colette deFrey: she opened the box up because she was so curious that she couldnt stand it anymore

Woody Dowling: does this story remind you of another story when someone did something they were


Colette deFrey:

Colette deFrey: Eve ate the apple

Woody Dowling: the story I'm thinking about involved an apple

Woody Dowling: yes, you answered before my clue.

Woody Dowling: many cultures have a story that involves the onset of evil

Woody Dowling: these stories are often called archtypes

Colette deFrey: THank you for that information, Woody!

Woody Dowling:

Woody Dowling: I just pushed a guide to Greek mythology that shows some of these stories illustrated with art

from the museum

Colette deFrey: What do you want us to look at?

Woody Dowling: if you scroll down to the intro you can see that the Greek word "mythologia" means


Woody Dowling: did you study other archtypal myths in your class?

Colette deFrey: yes we studied most myths in our English class

Woody Dowling: you might enjoy a book called "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell

Colette deFrey: Where would we find it at a library?

Woody Dowling: If you scroll to the end of the guide, you can see that the Greeks and Romans shared a lot of

the same stories

Colette deFrey: yeah, we learned that in our class but thanks

Woody Dowling: That book should be in the county library. There may also be video tapes. The book is

actually a recording of an interview by Bill Moyers.

Colette deFrey: Who is Bill Moyers?

Woody Dowling: He is a reporter who likes to interview interesting people on PBS

Colette deFrey: We are going to move these young ladies to another room but stay where you are. A young

man who did Perseus is here now waiting for your comments.

Woody Dowling: ok

Colette deFrey: Here I am Woody

Woody Dowling: ok, are you Richard or Ben?

Colette deFrey: I am Ben. Richard is in Colorado

Woody Dowling: Hi Ben!

Colette deFrey: Hi Woody

Woody Dowling: Why don't you tell me about your picture.

Colette deFrey: Well, this is Richard

Colette deFrey: sorry

Colette deFrey: This is Richard's picture. It is the head of Medusa, which Perseus went and got.

Woody Dowling: ok, why did he go to get her head?

Colette deFrey: He got it to prove to the King on the island that he lived that he was brave and got it for the

King's wedding present.

Woody Dowling: who was Medusa?

Woody Dowling: why was her head so special?

Colette deFrey: Medusa was a Gorgon sister. There are three of them. She did something bad so the gods

made her ugly. Her head turns people to stone.

Woody Dowling:

Colette deFrey: That is a good picture.

Woody Dowling: so you would say that if you looked at someone like this you might turn to stone?

Colette deFrey: Definitely.

Woody Dowling: have you learned what a metaphor is?

Colette deFrey: Who did this painting. YEs

Woody Dowling: what do you think a modern metaphor for Medusa might be?

Woody Dowling: woops, that's supposted to be modern

Woody Dowling: when the r and n are side by side it look s like an m - ha, ha

Colette deFrey: Her hair is like a bunch of snakes

Woody Dowling: yes, have you ever heard the expression "snake in the grass?"

Colette deFrey: yes

Woody Dowling: why do you think snakes represent evil?

Colette deFrey: Because in the bible, Satan was a snake and he tempted Adam and Eve to eat from the Tree

of Life.

Woody Dowling: YES!

Colette deFrey: Thank you.

Woody Dowling: Did you see the guide I showed to the other students?

Colette deFrey: I don't think so.

Woody Dowling: ok here it is:

Woody Dowling: well, i don't know what happened there

Colette deFrey:

Woody Dowling: anyway, your teacher can show you where it is on the web

Woody Dowling: oh, there it is!

Colette deFrey: which picture?

Woody Dowling: if you scroll down to the intro you will see that the Greek word "mythologia" means storytelling

Woody Dowling: you pick the picture you want to talk about

Colette deFrey: Well, I guess I can't, because there are some girls here who also want to talk to you. Thank

you for talking. Goodbye.

Woody Dowling: ok, it was good talking to you!

Colette deFrey: Hi Woody

Colette deFrey: I'm Christina and Braden is here too

Colette deFrey: we did theseus and adriane

Woody Dowling: hi Christina! hi Braden!

Woody Dowling: did you collaborate on this picture?

Colette deFrey: I did the picture of Ariadne and Braden did of theseus

Woody Dowling: these are very good - congratulations!

Colette deFrey: thank you

Woody Dowling: why don't you tell me a little about the myth?

Colette deFrey: theseus went on a mission to kill the minotaur

Woody Dowling: why?

Woody Dowling: who was Theseus?

Colette deFrey: so that his father the king of Athens didn't have to send sacrifices to his brother every year

Woody Dowling: what was the Minotaur?

Colette deFrey: but he is really the son of poseidon

Colette deFrey: it was a half bull and half human

Woody Dowling: do you know the story of the Cretan bull?

Colette deFrey: he was a monster that ate people

Colette deFrey: no

Woody Dowling: why did the Cretan bull kill people?

Woody Dowling: was Poseidon involved?

Colette deFrey: we've never heard of the story

Colette deFrey: sorry

Woody Dowling: ok, Minos was the king of Crete and Poseidon gave him a great bull to use as an offering, but

Minos kept the bull. Do you think Poseidon got mad?

Colette deFrey: probably

Colette deFrey: Poseidon had a bad temper and he got mad about everything

Woody Dowling: yes, and to get revenge on Minos, Poseidon made the bull go mad. He also made Minos wife

fall in love with the bull ... but that is another story!

Colette deFrey: we have 2 more minutes until the bell for class

Woody Dowling: can you guess where the Minotaur came from?

Colette deFrey: he was created by minos

Woody Dowling:

Woody Dowling: i gave you a clue about the bull and Minos wife

Colette deFrey: that is a beautiful sculpture

Woody Dowling: i liked your pictures very much. most people do pictures of Theseus fighting and such

Colette deFrey: thank you for talking to us bye!

Woody Dowling: this picture is of a sculpture in the museum. Theseus is thinking about breaking a promise

Woody Dowling: ok, good talking to you and congratulations on great pictures and a great website!

Colette deFrey: Thanks, Woody! The kids have gone on to class! They loved talking to you and seeing the


Colette deFrey: Bye, bye!

Woody Dowling: hi Colette! if, in fact, it's really you!

Colette deFrey: Yes, it is

Woody Dowling: i had fun too, as you can tell, I like to "talk" about mythology. :-)

Colette deFrey: Yes, and the nudity didn't faze them!

Colette deFrey: I've got to go now. See ya later.

Woody Dowling: yes they were mature, I'll go back to work now, bye!

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