Jamie Beran's, Omaha Westside's Westgate Elementary 5th Graders using Tom Albertsen's eSchool account

eSchool Chat/Web Page Push with

Woody Dowling, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.

May 23, 2000


Welcome to eSchool!

Tom Albertsen: Good morning, Monica!

Tom Albertsen: I'm going to test web pushes, so keep your fingers crossed!

Tom Albertsen: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

Tom Albertsen: This may require a little patience today. Westgate is working off of a 56kbyte line,

so web pages will come up rather slowly here at Westgate.

Tom Albertsen: I'm going to get the other computers logged into eSchool.

woody dowling: hi, anyone here?

guest1: Hi, Woody! this is Tom checking the connection from Westgate. The students will be

coming shortly after 10:30. I'm going to push a site to check the system.

woody dowling: hi Tom!

guest1: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

Monica Sanjur: Hi Tom & Woody !

woody dowling: got it Tom

woody dowling: do you have images of the students' work?

guest2: This is Tom. One more computer to bring on-line.

guest2: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

colette deFrey: hi! Anyone out there?

Monica Sanjur: Hi Colette!

woody dowling: hi Colette! Daryle is out sick, so it's me and Monica.

colette deFrey: Just got into work. Tom, Robin, Ron and I got home at 1 am this morning from

Kentucky. Got into some bad weather and got stuck at the ariport.

guest3: Tom: guest3 is ready! Will test push the CD web site and then we should be ready for the

students to arrive.

guest3: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

woody dowling: if Jamie wants to break into three groups, you may have to be a "museum" person


colette deFrey: Oh, boy!

woody dowling: you are already captured in a work of art anyway

colette deFrey: I am so tired!

guest3: I'll check with Jamie. Maybe she will only want to do 2 groups at a time.

Tom Albertsen: Hey this is Stone Fox

woody dowling: bring

guest3: We will be using the Tom Albertsen account and the guest3 account. We will run 2

sessions of about 20 minutes each. So if either Woody or Monica could move to the RED room,

and the other stay here in the classroom. OK?

woody dowling: on

Monica Sanjur: I'll move to the red room, then

Student Group 1:

Tom Albertsen: Whaz up

woody dowling: ok, i'll stay here

woody dowling: Tom, have you seen the whazup ads at adcritic.com?

woody dowling: i think we are ready

Tom Albertsen: We are the T.P.C.M

woody dowling: greetings from the Smithsonian!

woody dowling: I'd like to hear about the exhibit you made

Tom Albertsen: http://communitydisc.westside66.org/html/wgberan/home.htm

woody dowling: I have the page. Should I click on a number?

Tom Albertsen: start with #1

woody dowling: very neat!

woody dowling: who is in the picture?

Tom Albertsen: Go to 22

woody dowling: ok, I see what looks like a sled with the initials T.P.C.M.

woody dowling: I know this is the right exhibit!

woody dowling: To what novel did your exhibit travel?

Tom Albertsen: stone fox

woody dowling: I don't know that book. Can you explain why you chose to make a sled?

Tom Albertsen: Its our main topic

woody dowling: Was Stone Fox about a sled?

Tom Albertsen: Ask Darral, we told him

Tom Albertsen: Yes it is

woody dowling: ok, this is very creative!

Tom Albertsen: Go to 26

woody dowling: ok, got it

woody dowling: what novel?

Tom Albertsen: stone fox it our main topic for transportation

woody dowling: oh ok, this one looks like a sculpture garden

woody dowling: did you make the figures?

Tom Albertsen: your right yes

woody dowling: good artwork, for a minute I thought you bought them!

woody dowling: what skills did you use to make the exhibit?

Tom Albertsen: We have to make them in art class

woody dowling: I saw carpet and lights, do the lights work?

Tom Albertsen: Yes Go to 24 to see are lights

woody dowling: excellent photograph, I can see that the lights work.

woody dowling: did you hire an electrician?

Tom Albertsen: The top of are museum works to

Tom Albertsen: o

Tom Albertsen: no

woody dowling: how did you do the carpet? did you have to calculate area?

Tom Albertsen: sorry about the ask darral thing

woody dowling: no problem

woody dowling: I'm trying to understand if students did all this work themselves or if their parents

helped ... ha, ha

Tom Albertsen: We need to be going now thanks for chating with us

woody dowling: ok, your exhibits and your website are awesome!

Tom Albertsen: here comes the next group

woody dowling: .

woody dowling: .

woody dowling: .

Tom Albertsen: see ya and thanks for the time


Student Group 2:

woody dowling: Hi, I'm with the Smithsonian

Tom Albertsen: Were the star train

woody dowling: what number?

Tom Albertsen: 1

woody dowling: oh, ok is that your picture?

woody dowling: by the way, that is a most excellent train!

Tom Albertsen: Thanks

woody dowling: what novel did you use?

Tom Albertsen: Number the Stars

woody dowling: yes, now I understand why your exhibit is called the star train.

woody dowling: where did you get the art for the train?

Tom Albertsen: you can see from our train its Jewish

woody dowling: the pictures are too small for me to see

Tom Albertsen: From art books, internet

Tom Albertsen: sorry

woody dowling: oh, ok. do the pictures relate to the Jewish theme?

Tom Albertsen: click on 2

woody dowling: now I can see much better!

woody dowling: in fact, I believe the picture of constructing the dam is from our museum

Tom Albertsen: thats the bravery room

woody dowling: why are the bones in the corner?

Tom Albertsen: its a sculpture

Tom Albertsen: of a banana split

woody dowling: yes, I understand, but why bones? something to do with bravery?

Tom Albertsen: it's because they didn't have treats

woody dowling: the thing in the middle looks like a skull to me. What other rooms do you have?

Tom Albertsen: cclick on 3

woody dowling: this is the main room, does it have a theme too?

Tom Albertsen: yes its called the jewish room!

woody dowling: you did a very good job of carpeting, did you have to calculate area?

Tom Albertsen: yes we did

woody dowling: are those wires I see, don't tell me you have lights?

Tom Albertsen: Yes

woody dowling: who did the wiring, someone's parents?

Tom Albertsen: Each room has light but its not a wire you see!

woody dowling: do the lights work?

Tom Albertsen: no us

woody dowling: you did it yourselves? very impressive.

woody dowling: sounds like you learned some problem solving skills

Tom Albertsen: thank you

Tom Albertsen: yes

woody dowling: any other skills that I didn't figure out?

Tom Albertsen: we worked together on it

Tom Albertsen: we framed

woody dowling: it sounds like you did many of the same kinds of things we do at the Smithsonian!

woody dowling: did you have to buy insurance?

Tom Albertsen: thank you for you're time

woody dowling: my pleasure, you have an outstanding exhibit and an awesome website

Tom Albertsen: yes

Tom Albertsen: thank you

woody dowling: and thank you for showing me

Tom Albertsen: bye

woody dowling: bye

Tom Albertsen: This is Tom. Thanks so much for your time! These students will be the better for

having had this experience! Bye from Omaha!

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