Swanson Elementary School

January 25, 2001

Students of Dede Marshall's third grade class conduct an eSchool chat with Louise, a docent with the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.. Student questions are posted using the eSchool account of Tom Albertsen.



Welcome to eSchool!

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1985/1985.64.84_1b.jpg

Louise: Can you see it now?

Tom Albertsen: we are back on a differrent computer and we see the images of different documents, book,


Tom Albertsen: Whew!

Tom Albertsen: This is an image the students have seen.

Louise: Ok, that;sOndine. This relates to a ballet dancer. Do ny of the students take ballet?

Tom Albertsen: Are these things that belong to Cornel?

Tom Albertsen: All three of the students have taken dance and some have taken ballet.

Louise: Yes, all of this stuff belonged to him. He had files and boxes and huge collections of all kinds of


Tom Albertsen: Can the students ask some more questions?

Louise: Sure, absolutely.

Tom Albertsen: Deanna: On the Colombier image are the eggs dove or pigeon eggs?

Tom Albertsen: I think it is from the Dovecote #2.

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1978/1978.95.13_1b.jpg

Louise: Well, doves and pigeons are in the same family. I think colombier means dove in french or something.

Tom Albertsen: Elisabeth: Who or what is on the Ondine image?

Louise: Also, I think these are not real eggs. I think they look like ping pong balls

Louise: About Ondine. She is a character in a ballet and he had a great love for ballerinas and dance.

Louise: there are drawings of her I think by him.

Tom Albertsen: Thank you for the information and the images. We agreed that the eggs look much like ping

pong balls.

Louise: Do you want to talk about another one?

Tom Albertsen: These 3 young ladies need to leave and we have another group coming. They want to thank

you for your time! and we are sorry about the computer problem.

Louise: Well, I hope they had fun. I did. And nexgt time, no problems, we hope. Ciao!

Tom Albertsen: This just proved that this technology is still on the "bleeding" edge!

Louise: And so am I!

Tom Albertsen: I have Molly, Schuyler and Joe here.

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images1985/1985,64,42A-B_1bgif

Tom Albertsen: we will start with a question from Molly: Did Cornell have any birds of his own?

Louise: Hi Molly, Schuyler and Joe.

Tom Albertsen: We got a server not found message. No image came up.

Louise: Well, I didn't think he had birds of his own, but one of us thinks he had pigeons.

Tom Albertsen: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images1985/1985,64,42A-B_1b.gif

Louise: I will retype the URL

Tom Albertsen: I tried pushing it from here, but no go!

Tom Albertsen: AAAARGH!

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1985/1985/64.42A-B_1b.jpg

Tom Albertsen: Same thing...Not Found. Do you see the image on your computer?

Louise: It is gif at the end. I will try again.

Tom Albertsen: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images1985/1985,64,42A-B_1b.gif

Tom Albertsen: Maybe if we could just concentrate on some of the students questions.

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1985/1985/64.42A-B_1b.gif

Tom Albertsen: No luck!

Louise: OK, let's do that. What do you want to know?

Tom Albertsen: Molly: Did Cornell have any of his own birds?

Louise: I thought we had covered that pr;etty well. I do know he was very fond of owls. He collected many

pictures of them .

Tom Albertsen: Schuyler: On the Untitled (Purple Box w/ Marbles), is there any reason why he chose the

color purple?

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1985/1985.64.42A-B_1b.gif

Louise: Did you get this finallay? Cheese?

Louise: I guess he just liked it.

Tom Albertsen: YEA! Cheese appeared. We will ask some things about this.

Louise: Hooray!

Tom Albertsen: From Joe: Did he develop an interest in cheese because he lived on a farm?

Louise: Good question, Joe. Could be, but maybe he just liked cheese and especially that nice box

Tom Albertsen: Yes, we know that he was quite involved in making boxes.

Louise: We don't think he lived on a farm. Hewas pre;tty much a city boy.

Tom Albertsen: Joe: what is the silver material made out of?

Louise: I am not sure--it could be old Reynolds wrap for all I know. He seems to have embossed it.

Tom Albertsen: Molly: Can you push "Dreams are like Stars"?

Louise: OK

Tom Albertsen: Molly: Who did he make "Dreams are like Stars" for?

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1984/1984.124.71_1b.jpg

Louise: Hooray! did you get it?

Tom Albertsen: It is slowly loading up! YEA! Success!

Tom Albertsen: Do you know who he made this for?

Louise: Yes, it was made for the Container Corporation of America.

Tom Albertsen: We also want to know what is at the item at the bottom of the box.

Tom Albertsen: PS: we just found out it is Ideas are like Stars.

Louise: Well, what do you think it is? It looks like a piece of driftwood. What do you think?

Tom Albertsen: So. if that corporation is making containers, and Cornell used boxes, that might be why he did


Louise: could be, but they asked a lot of artists to illustrate important idea or theories and have quite a

wonderful collection of art

Tom Albertsen: It could be, because the sea shell might tell us it could be at a beach.

Louise: I wonder what you think Ideas are like Stars means.

Tom Albertsen: From Joe: We have talked about how Cornell was a loner...do you know why he was like that?

Tom Albertsen: Maybe stars are big and so are some ideas.

Louise: He was very shy, but not a real recluse. He never went beyond high school but he read a lot. He took

care of his mother and brother.

Tom Albertsen: Do you know what happened to his brother?

Louise: I love that idea. Stars are also something to reach for, maybe.

Louise: His brother was handicapped in some way. We are not sure how. He was devoted to him,

Tom Albertsen: And was his mother elderly?

Louise: He might have had cerebral palsy.

Louise: Well, most mothers get to be elderly and I suppose she was, too.

Tom Albertsen: Looking at the sculpture, who is the person and what is he doing?

Louise: this is an constellation -- I should know the name and maybe will remember before we close

Tom Albertsen: Can you try pushing the Portrait of Ondine?

Louise: OK

Louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1985/1985.64.84_1b.jpg

Louise: Did you get it?

Tom Albertsen: Who or what is Ondine?

Tom Albertsen: we got it!

Louise: Ondine rose from the waves. She is a sculpture in our collection. but this was made for a ballerina.

Tom Albertsen: Do you know what the book is?

Louise: the ballerina danced the role of Ondine. He loved ballet. The book might be a dance program.

Tom Albertsen: The students have to leave. They want to make sure that you are thanked very much!

Louise: I thank them, too. And we will talk another time, I hope. Good bye!

Tom Albertsen: Whew! Thanks so much Louise! In spite of the images not loading, it continued to be a

worthwhile endeaver for the kids! Thanks!

Tom Albertsen: Tom

Tom Albertsen: Bye!


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