Swanson Elementary School

December 6, 2000

Students of Dede Marshall's third grade class conduct an eSchool chat with Phoebe, a docent with the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C.. Student questions are posted using the eSchool account of Ron Abdouch.

Phoebe: Good morning group...Welcome to our chat

Ron Abdouch: Good morning, we are expecting students shortly

Phoebe: Hi Ron

Ron Abdouch: We had a little trouble getting going this morning, but here we are. Students will be here in just

a minute

Phoebe: We had a little trouble too

Ron Abdouch: Glad to see you are with us!

louise: How cold is it out there today?

Ron Abdouch: It is about 20 and windy!

Phoebe: Are the kids ready yet?

Ron Abdouch: no not yet

Ron Abdouch: They are on their way

Ron Abdouch: Good morning. I am here now with Ellie and Austin

Phoebe: Great, welcome Austin and Blie

Phoebe: We're going to start with an image of George Catlin's

Ron Abdouch: go ahead

Phoebe: This picture shows a boat in St. Louis...really before St. Louis became a big community

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1985/1985.66.311_1b.jpg

Phoebe: Do you rremember looking at this image?

Ron Abdouch: No they studied another image!

Phoebe: Oh. okay

Phoebe: Well. you can use your scroll bar to look at this

Phoebe: What do you see that tells you something about the community?

Ron Abdouch: Do you have an image of a midland elevator?

Phoebe: We will use that one in a minute

Ron Abdouch: okay

Phoebe: Catlin came up through your area long before there was an Omaha

Ron Abdouch: Ellie would like to know what the size the painting is?

Phoebe: If you saw it in the museum it would about 30 inches wide by 20 inches high

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1964/1964.196_1b.jpg

Ron Abdouch: Thanks. Is it watercolor or oil?

Phoebe: I will show you some of the details that you can'[t see in the l\smaller size

Phoebe: This is an oil painting

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1985/1985.66.311_1a.jpg

Ron Abdouch: That image is not loading, try another

Phoebe: you will have to use your scroll bar and you will see that the indians on the front of the steamboat are

heading home from a visit to Washington

Ron Abdouch: Austin would like to know if the"barge Dock" painting is on a river or lake?

Ron Abdouch: I have not image at all on the screen

Ron Abdouch: Do you have an image of Misissippi Packets?

Phoebe: We will try the Barge Dock

Ron Abdouch: The Mural is by Wm Bunn and is a post office mural

Phoebe: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1964/1964.1.70_1b.jpg

Phoebe: Do you have the Barge Dock image?

Phoebe: The Bunn painting is a post office mural

Ron Abdouch: Yes

Phoebe: Okay

Phoebe: let's talk about the Barge Dock

Phoebe: I think that is a ri ver, or maybe a canal

Ron Abdouch: Austin would like to know if this is a river and what kind of community this might be. Is it realy

or imaginary

Phoebe: Well, the post office murals were supposed to mean something to the community where it was placed

Phoebe: So if there is a barge in the middle of the community, what do you think it would be carrying?

Phoebe: Do you think it's real or imaginary?

Ron Abdouch: Austin and Ellie think Supplies, visitors from other parts of the country were on the barge

Phoebe: Very good

Phoebe: Do you get supplies by barge nowadays?

Ron Abdouch: They think it is real because it looks realistic

Ron Abdouch: Austin and Ellie say no, but do you have other thoughts

Phoebe: I think that makes sense. The artist was supposed to paint something truthful about the community

Ron Abdouch: Do you have the Mississippi Packets mural?

Phoebe: Do your supplies come by truck?

Ron Abdouch: YES!

Phoebe: We will look at another image that you asked for

Ron Abdouch: Fine!

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1965/1965.18.32_1b.jpg

Phoebe: It's the Mississippi River Packets

Ron Abdouch: We have it!

Phoebe: That's a pretty dramatic painting

Ron Abdouch: Austin and Ellie would like to know if this is realistic

Phoebe: What do you think would be on these boats?

Phoebe: I can't say for sure because these boats aren't in use much any more

Phoebe: What do you think?

Ron Abdouch: People, fish, supplies, tools, animals

Phoebe: Now they are used as restaurants! They are still used as tourist attractions, too

Ron Abdouch: Do you have an image of glostermill elevator

Ron Abdouch: How aboud midland elevator

Phoebe: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1994/1994.91.68_1b.jpg

Ron Abdouch: This image will not load

Phoebe: You may want to re-type the url on your end

Ron Abdouch: Thanks for trying anyway. Austin and Ellie have to go now and they say thanks and that they

learned a lot

Phoebe: We will await another group

Phoebe: We will start the new group with the ADM Elevator

Phoebe: Is the new group ready?

Ron Abdouch: Good morning! I am here now with Patrick and Cole and they are studing Skating in Central

park, Harlem with moon, futuristic city and shotgun. Do you have any of those pictures?

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1964/1964.1.196_1b.jpg

Ron Abdouch: try again

Phoebe: You can look at this image while we pull up the other ones

Ron Abdouch: No image available

Phoebe: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1964/1964.1.15_1b.jpg

Phoebe: Are you getting this?

Ron Abdouch: Yes

Ron Abdouch: Cole would like to know if this is watercolor or oil paint or pastels?

Phoebe: You know that this is New York, don't you? What were the clues?

Ron Abdouch: Because of the skyline

louise: Good question, Cole! This is an oil, by Agnes Tait.

Ron Abdouch: How large is the painting

louise: Do you have a skating rink in your community? Or does it get too cold to skate? The painting is about

20 inches by thirty inches.

Ron Abdouch: No we can't skate because it does not get too cold

Ron Abdouch: Patrick would like to know in Harlem with Moon, why did the artist use so many curved lines

louise: That's amazing!! We all thought it got very cold in Omaha!

louise: Patrick - we will try to get back to you in a minute.

louise: We are going to look at Shotgun now.

Ron Abdouch: okay

Phoebe: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1987/1987.56.1_1b.jpg

Phoebe: Are you getting the image?

Ron Abdouch: Yes

Phoebe: What can you tell me about this community?

Ron Abdouch: Do you have Harlem with moon?

Ron Abdouch: We can tell you it is old and it looks like has been through a war

Phoebe: What does the artist do to make you feel that way?

Ron Abdouch: Dark colors, fire in back and people are old

Phoebe: Good. This was actually a church fire.

Ron Abdouch: Thanks, can we look at Harlem with moon now for Patrick?

Phoebe: I know that the church is a big part of lots of communities.

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1967/1967.59.4_1b.jpg

Ron Abdouch: Please try again

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1967/1967.59.4_1b.gif

Phoebe: Ihope this is the right picture

Ron Abdouch: Even thought we cannot see the image of harlem with moon can you tell patrick why the artist

used so many curved lines

Phoebe: Patrick, at the time when Johnson painted it, he was experimenting with style. Maybe he thought

that this gave life to the picture.

louise: Do you have the image yet?

Ron Abdouch: Patrick agrees that it did give life. Are the cars on the side of the road do they have flat tires

Phoebe: Is there anything else in the picture that is a different way of looking at the city?

Ron Abdouch: Can't remember

Phoebe: What makes you think that the tires are flat?

Phoebe: We will try to send the image again

Ron Abdouch: Because they curve out in back

louise: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1967/1967.59.4_1b.gif

Phoebe: We are getting the image, are you?

Ron Abdouch: no!

Phoebe: Let's try an image that you've never seen!!!

Ron Abdouch: Don't bother with the image any more. Patricdk would still like to know if the tires are flat?

Phoebe: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/images/1971/1971.447.18_1b.jpg

Phoebe: Are you getting a city school yard scene?

Ron Abdouch: No image at all, Are the tires flat?

Phoebe: No the tires aren't flat. They look like big balloons to me.

Phoebe: What do you have on your screen?

Ron Abdouch: Patrick and Cole say Thanks very much and they want to know if you have seen All the sights

in D.C.

Ron Abdouch: Nothing on screen

Phoebe: We have lived here so long that we've seen many but not everything

Ron Abdouch: Thanks so much and have a great day from Patrick and Cole!!!

Phoebe: I assume that you are leaving the computer now...Bye, and thanks for joining us.

Ron Abdouch: Bye for now

Ron Abdouch: Thanks for all you help! They were so excited and want to do it again!!

louise: We hope we can get all of the glitches straightened out! We feel like realpioneers.

Ron Abdouch: you are!!!


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