Swanson Elementary School

December 5, 2000

Students of Dede Marshall's third grade class conduct an eSchool chat with students from McCartney School, a rural, K-8 school located near Nebraska City, Nebraska. Student questions are posted using the eSchool account of Robin Davis (Swanson students) and Patty Throne (McCartney students).

Robin Davis: Patty are you there?

Patty Throne: Testing 1,2,3 is anyone there?>

Patty Throne: Hi Robin, I'm back!

Robin Davis: Yes! I'm here!

Patty Throne: Are we connected with Swanson yet?

Robin Davis: Here is our first question. "How many kids in your school" asks Clarisse

Patty Throne: We have 15 students in our school from grades K-8.

Patty Throne: How many students do you have at your school?

Robin Davis: Connor wants to know "What is your teacher's name?'

Patty Throne: We have two teachers, Mrs. T hrone and Mrs. Ballue.

Robin Davis: Kiko wants to know "How many drinking fountains do you have?"

Patty Throne: We only have one and the water isn't very cold in it.

Robin Davis: Clarisse wants to know "Do you study science?"

Patty Throne: Yes, right now we are studying the five senses.

Patty Throne: We have a question for you now.

Patty Throne: Andrew wants to know if you have any classroom pets and

what are they?

Robin Davis: OK

Robin Davis: We have 4 fish, 4 birds with 5 eggs , and 2 gerbils

Patty Throne: We have 4 turtles, 3 fish, 2 rats, and a gerbil.

Robin Davis: The birds are finches, one gerbil is white, named Salt, and

the other is brown named Pepper

Robin Davis: What are your pets names?

Patty Throne: Our rats names are Hiccough-Suspense and Dragon-Hula

Robin Davis: Those are cool names!!!!!!

Patty Throne: One of our turtles names is Jaws because he attacks his food.

Robin Davis: How many students in each grade level?

Patty Throne: In kindergarten we have 6; 2nd grade - 2; 3rd grade - 2; 6th grade - 2; and 8th grade 3

Patty Throne: How many students do you have in your classroom?

Robin Davis: 19 - 9 boys and 10 girls

Patty Throne: We have 2 boys!!!!!!!! and no girls!!!!!

Robin Davis: Can we push the CD website to see your photos?

Patty Throne: You bet!

Robin Davis: http://communitydisc.westside66.org

Patty Throne: We cannot see the website at the bottom of our page.

Patty Throne: Do you guys have it on yours?>

Robin Davis: Bummer! WE have it on ours!

Patty Throne: As soon as we pull up ours on Netscape we will tell you where we are?

Robin Davis: The students want to know about the second photo in "Inside Views" where the stove is.

Robin Davis: Also, the students here want to answer more questions from you!

Patty Throne: The stove is in our kitchen area. This is our lunch room. We have to bring our lunch everyday.

Robin Davis: Cool!

Patty Throne: Alec wants to know if your school is at least 40 years old?

Robin Davis: Our school was built in 1959 - it is 41 years old!

Patty Throne: That was a good guess on our part.

Patty Throne: Our school was built in 1869 and is 131 years old.

Robin Davis: Yes! How old is your school?

Patty Throne: We actually have two buildings, one is for our classrooms and the other is for music and band and sometimes P.E.

Robin Davis: WOW!!!! 90 years older than ours!

Patty Throne: Our school that has our classrooms in it was moved to this location by a semi-truck.

Robin Davis: How old is that fence outside?

Patty Throne: We are unsure if it is as old as the building or not.

Patty Throne: Andrew wants to know how much play equipment you have on your playground?

Patty Throne: What do you like to do or play at recess?

Robin Davis: We have 2 separate playgrounds - one for kindergarten only.

Robin Davis: We have slides, monkey bars, spider, and a bridge

Robin Davis: We like to play kickball, football, soccer, play on the equipment, tag

Robin Davis: How far do you have to go from your house to school?

Patty Throne: We have swings, teeter totters, a tether pole, and play house but we like most of all to just play four square on the cement slab by our school.

Robin Davis: We like four square too, and hopscotch

Patty Throne: Andrew has to drive one mile - he lives in the country, and Alec has to drive about 3 miles - he also lives in the country.

Patty Throne: Do most of your students live in the city or in the country?

Robin Davis: In the city. If you've been to Omaha its a busy big place.

Patty Throne: Andrew wants to know if you have been studying Post Office Murals?

Robin Davis: Yes we have!

Patty Throne: We have picked a few of our favorites!

Robin Davis: Some of our classmates are chatting with the Washington people about Post Office Murals

Patty Throne: That is cool!

Robin Davis: What are your favorites?

Patty Throne: Andrew likes one from Michigan and it is called: Indian

Hunters Gathering Rice and Alec likes one from Wyoming and it is called: Bringing the Bell to Allen Town. Patty Throne: We will push the website that we looked at them from.

Robin Davis: Can you push those to us?

Robin Davis: Great!!!

Patty Throne: http://nmaa-ryder.si.edu/NMLE/pomurals/pomurals.html

Robin Davis: We see a map of the US, where should we go?

Patty Throne: Go to Michigan to see Andrews and click on the one called Indian Hunters Gathering Rice

Patty Throne: Andrew made a mistake on his states, it's not MI it's MN

Patty Throne: Did you find it?

Patty Throne: To see Alec

Robin Davis: Yes It is coming up

Patty Throne: To see Alec's you need to go to Wyoming and click on the one called Bringing the Bell to Allen Town

Robin Davis: We think the Indian one is really cool!!!!

Robin Davis: Now we will try Wyoming...

Robin Davis: Wyoming says it has none?????

Robin Davis: Should it be a different state?

Patty Throne: OOPS! We better study states next. He can't remember which state it was in. Maybe South Dakota he says.

Robin Davis: OK we'll try south dakota!

Patty Throne: He just looked on his assignment and found out that it was in Pennsylvania.

Patty Throne: Have you found it yet?

Robin Davis: Yes, its Cool!!!!Have you seen our web site yet?

Patty Throne: We spent Friday and a little bit of yesterday looking at it.

Patty Throne: Your community is much bigger than ours.

Patty Throne: How many people live in Swanson?

Robin Davis: We aren't sure how many live in this area - lots!!

Patty Throne: There are about 6,000 people who live in Nebraska City.

It is a very historical town.

Robin Davis: How long is your school day?

Patty Throne: We start at 8:15 and get out of school at 3:00.

Patty Throne: How long is your school day>\

Robin Davis: We start at 8:45 and get out at 3:30

Robin Davis: Have you seen our classroom on the web site?

Patty Throne: Andrew wants to know if your day "flies by" quickly?

Patty Throne: Yes, we saw you in what looked like the computer lab. Was it?

Robin Davis: Yes we have a packed schedule!

Robin Davis: Yes that is where we are right now!

Patty Throne: We are going to go back to your pictures now too!

Robin Davis: OK

Patty Throne: Is your whole class in the lab chatting in lots of different rooms?

Patty Throne: Andrew wants to know what subjects do you study and what are you studying now?

Robin Davis: Patty, we just got bumped out of eSchool. Can you do a copy and paste of the eschool chat so we have a record of it?

Patty Throne: We are looking at you in your lab and imagining where you are at and sitting.

Patty Throne: Sure, how do you do that?

Robin Davis: We are biting our nails!!!! We lost eSchool !

Patty Throne: OH NO!

Patty Throne: We were biting our nails when we had trouble getting on too!

Robin Davis: I'll get Tom over here to give directions

Patty Throne: Alec says AAAAAAAAAAAH!

Patty Throne: Andrew says, "


Patty Throne: HELP

Robin Davis: Tom says"Way to go Robin!!!"

Patty Throne: How did you lose it?

Robin Davis: We don't know

Robin Davis: Just unlucky I guess!

Patty Throne: We wish you luck in receiving a copy of the chat, says Alec

Robin Davis: Are there any more questions because the students need to wrap it up.

Robin Davis: Don't log off yet, I am still waiting for Tom to come over here

Patty Throne: Are all of your computers in your lab brand new?

Robin Davis: We got them last year.

Patty Throne: We are on our G3- MacIntosh right now, but we do have a few old ones too.

Patty Throne: We love our G3!!!!!!

Patty Throne: Andrew and Alec love to play Sim City on it!

Robin Davis: Kiko, Connor, and Clarisse say "we have 26 computers in our lab, and bye and


Patty Throne: Thank you and we hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Robin Davis: You too!!!

Patty Throne: Are we going to chat with another group from Swanson?

Robin Davis: Patty, stick around - waiting for Tom still

Patty Throne: OK!

Robin Davis: There won't be anymore students.

Patty Throne: We're done chatting? Can I send these boys off to do some work now? They really don't want to work yet!

Robin Davis: Sure!

Robin Davis: Patty, click in the chat area and drag to select the entire chat.

Patty Throne: I hope that the chats with the docents went well. We'll have to do that sometime. These kids are really into art!

Robin Davis: Then do an "Open Apple C" to copy it, then paste it into Claris works

Robin Davis: It will look invisible because it is white type

Patty Throne: It won't stay highlighted for me.

Robin Davis: So you will need to do a select all in claris and change

the type color to black.


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