Patty McArdle's Westside's Sunset Hills Elementary School, 6th Graders using Tom Albertsen's, Erik Clark's, Marla Fries', and Ron Abdouch's eSchool accounts.

eSchool Chat/Web Push with

Charlotte Reynolds at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Welcome to eSchool!

Tom Albertsen:

Linda Leary: Hi, Kathy! Good morning

Tom Albertsen:

Charlotte Reynolds: I'm here!

Tom Albertsen:

Tom Albertsen: Good morning, Charlotte!

Charlotte Reynolds: Good morning.

Tom Albertsen: The kids are coming soon, so we will be ready to start.

Tom Albertsen: Do you see the Sunset Hills web page?

Charlotte Reynolds: Yes, I have the site on my screen.

Erik Clark: Hi!

Erik Clark: My name is Sara.

Tom Albertsen: Hi

Ron Abdouch: My name is rachael

Tom Albertsen: My name is JOn

Ron Abdouch: hi every one

Marla Fries: Hi, My name is Kirsten

Charlotte Reynolds: Good morning Sara, Rachael, Kristen and John

Ron Abdouch: hi jon

Tom Albertsen: good morning

Ron Abdouch: same to you

Erik Clark: Charlotte, will you look at my picture?

Marla Fries: good morning

Charlotte Reynolds: Good morning Marla. Are we ready to start?

Tom Albertsen: yes

Ron Abdouch: whos do we look at

Erik Clark: Hi. I'm Sara. Will you look at my picture?

Charlotte Reynolds: who is logged in as Erik?

Ron Abdouch: ju

Erik Clark: Sara S.

Charlotte Reynolds: I am opening Sara's picture.

Erik Clark: Thanxs!

Ron Abdouch: we will start with sara

Ron Abdouch: jon what name are you

Tom Albertsen: Tom Albersen

Ron Abdouch: hahah

Charlotte Reynolds: Your blending of colors is wonderful. Is that a trail or path to the left of your picture?

Erik Clark: A path.

Ron Abdouch: I like it

Charlotte Reynolds: Sara, I like how you made the path go off into the distance. Very nice perspective.

Erik Clark: I'm glad.

Erik Clark: Thanks.

Ron Abdouch: yes nice perspcetive

Ron Abdouch: jon

Erik Clark: May I ask you some questions about my picture?

Ron Abdouch: what are you doing

Charlotte Reynolds: Sure, I will open Jons picture now

Tom Albertsen: ok

Charlotte Reynolds: I love how you used texture in the foreground. Your sunset is very nice.

Tom Albertsen: thank you

Ron Abdouch: you made good detail

Tom Albertsen: thanks

Charlotte Reynolds: Did you look at paintings by Carl Rungius before creating your picture? Rungius like

blending colors as you did.

Tom Albertsen: yes i did

Charlotte Reynolds: Jon, you have great depth in your picture.

Erik Clark: Jon, I like your horses.

Erik Clark: Ya.

Tom Albertsen: Thank tou

Ron Abdouch: i love your trees and how each is differnt

Erik Clark: I like the roots in your tree how the show.

Charlotte Reynolds: Who would like to ask a question next?

Erik Clark: It really gives you a cool effect. :)

Tom Albertsen: i made them all different because the the park had so many different kinds of trees

Erik Clark: Cool sunset!

Tom Albertsen: thanks again

Erik Clark: Are one of the people on the horse you?

Tom Albertsen: yes

Tom Albertsen: its me and my friend stephen

Marla Fries: Kirsten

Charlotte Reynolds: Thats great, to show draw what you saw, rather than just including general trees.

Ron Abdouch: oh i met him

Ron Abdouch: Meet

Charlotte Reynolds: So, should we look at Kristen's picture?

Erik Clark: Me too.

Marla Fries: sure

Tom Albertsen: sure

Ron Abdouch: ok

Charlotte Reynolds: I am opening Kristen picture.

Marla Fries: I was the only one that didn't do a landscaping

Ron Abdouch: wow thats really good

Marla Fries: thanks

Tom Albertsen: very good detail Kirsten!

Charlotte Reynolds: Kristen, what a lovely picture! I like how you narrowed your focus to something very


Ron Abdouch: you have great detail

Erik Clark: I love the butterfly:And the flowers are so detailed.

Marla Fries: My question:

Marla Fries: Do think that it is too plain

Marla Fries: There is alot of white

Marla Fries: It was my second copy.

Charlotte Reynolds: Absolutely not! Sometimes the best paintings/artwork are simple images but are very


Tom Albertsen: i don think it is very plain

Ron Abdouch: i think so too

Erik Clark: What did you use? Pastels, colored pencils, crayons?

Ron Abdouch: did you accutlly see that

Marla Fries: In my first copy I tried to color in the backround green because I thought it looked too simple

Marla Fries: Pastels

Charlotte Reynolds: You did a great job. Good for you for doing a first image, then going back and doing

refining it. That is VERY important.

Ron Abdouch: Rachael

Erik Clark: Look at Rachael's.

Marla Fries: Thaank you for talking with me

Ron Abdouch: we might have to go soon

Tom Albertsen: lets look at racheals now\

Marla Fries: *thank

Charlotte Reynolds: Kristen, you are welcome. Keep up the good work!

Marla Fries: okay!

Ron Abdouch: please look at rachaels

Charlotte Reynolds: Rachel, nice job. What made you decide to strat with lighter colors around the sun, then

go darker?

Tom Albertsen: i really like it rachaell

Ron Abdouch: I thought thatthe sun made the sky brighetr

Erik Clark: I really,really likethe sunset!!!

Tom Albertsen: what is it of?

Marla Fries: My

Charlotte Reynolds: Nice job. Good for you for noticing that kind of detail and including it in your picture.

Ron Abdouch: at first i had dark but i thought it would look better light

Ron Abdouch: i ust to have a deer but it got cut off

Erik Clark: Good work Rachael!!!

Ron Abdouch: thanxs

Charlotte Reynolds: I was wondering where the deer was, as you mentioned it in your written describtion.

Ron Abdouch: it got cut off by the camrea

Tom Albertsen: This is Tom. We have a new group of 4 students coming.

Ron Abdouch: bye charollette

Charlotte Reynolds: Ready.

Ron Abdouch: thanx for every thing

Charlotte Reynolds: Bye, good work everyone!

Erik Clark: hi i'm erin

Marla Fries: Hi I'm Lauren

Ron Abdouch: hi

Tom Albertsen: Hi I'm Erin

Erik Clark: i'm erinH

Marla Fries: How are u doing

Charlotte Reynolds: Hi, I will open Erins picture first.

Erik Clark: there's 2 erins

Erik Clark: good

Charlotte Reynolds: I am looking at Erin H's picture.

Marla Fries: Click on Lauren M

Tom Albertsen: Click on Erin W picture next.

Charlotte Reynolds: I love the horizontal strips of color. Similar to an artist in our collection, Bob Kuhn.

Charlotte Reynolds: Going to Erin Ws picture.

Erik Clark: thank u

Charlotte Reynolds: Could you explain what you mean when you say that "red, blue and purple all go


Tom Albertsen: because red plus blue =purple

Charlotte Reynolds: Good for you, where does green fit in?

Charlotte Reynolds: I like the balance you gave the image by having the swans off to the right of the image.

Tom Albertsen: thank u

Charlotte Reynolds: Who would like to ask the next question?

Marla Fries: Please look at Lauren M's Picture

Tom Albertsen: look at Lauren's picture next

Charlotte Reynolds: I have gone back to Laurens picture.

Marla Fries: How do you like my picture?

Tom Albertsen: I like your bigggg sun

Charlotte Reynolds: Did you look at images on our web site before creating your picture?

Marla Fries: I'm Lauren

Marla Fries: no I did not was I suppost to

Ron Abdouch: hi iam colt

Charlotte Reynolds: No, it just reminded me of an, Bob Kuhn who uses big strips of colors in the skies of his


Marla Fries: Thanks

Charlotte Reynolds: Hi Colt. Let me go to your picture.

Erik Clark: look at colts next

Marla Fries: What do you think of my picture

Charlotte Reynolds: I am opening Colts picture.

Charlotte Reynolds: Colt, very nice! Is this an view from above the ground?

Charlotte Reynolds: I like the texture in the background, the sky and the hill.

Ron Abdouch: yeah iam in a tower

Charlotte Reynolds: I'm so glad that you enjoyed Outdoor ed and were able to share it with us through your


Charlotte Reynolds: IS there anyone else who wants to ask a quesiton?

Ron Abdouch: o i have one more

Ron Abdouch: this is colt

Ron Abdouch: how would you make my picture more realistic

Marla Fries: Lauren Would Like to ask one

Charlotte Reynolds: I dont think you need to make it more realistic...I get the feeling of being up high, of a

beautiful sunset and some great texture!

Charlotte Reynolds: What is your question Lauren?

Ron Abdouch: thanks

Marla Fries: Do you like the colors in my picture

Marla Fries: could you give me some pointers

Ron Abdouch: also if u were to change one thing in my picture what would it be

Erik Clark: i have one question too

Charlotte Reynolds: Yes I do...I might make your trees in the foreground, or front of your picture larger. But it

is very nice as it is.

Tom Albertsen: i have a question 2

Charlotte Reynolds: Who is typing as Erik?

Erik Clark: i am

Erik Clark: erin h

Charlotte Reynolds: Ok Erin, what is your quesiton?

Marla Fries: Thank you very much

Erik Clark: my question is does my picture look odd bc it is lighter in the foreground?

Tom Albertsen: Could you give me some pointers?

Ron Abdouch: if you were to ghange one thing in my picture what would it be

Charlotte Reynolds: No, I might add a bit more color in the foreground, but I think it fine as it is. It gives me the

feeling of a heavy sky. Like it might rain.

Marla Fries: I have to go thank you very much but somone else will be here to talk to you

Charlotte Reynolds: You are welcome. Thank you for sharing your pictures with me.

Tom Albertsen: good bye!

Erik Clark: thank nice meeting u and talking to you have a nice day goodbye!!!!

Charlotte Reynolds: Bye, have a great day at school!

Tom Albertsen: thank you very much good bye

Ron Abdouch: thanks for chattin with me someone else is here to talk to you

Erik Clark: hi I'm Kimberley

Ron Abdouch: Hi! I'm Cortney

Charlotte Reynolds: hI kIMBERELY AND Courntey.

Marla Fries: Hi! I'm Laura!

Charlotte Reynolds: I am opening Kimberley's picture.

Erik Clark: ok

Tom Albertsen: Hi I'm Alex

Charlotte Reynolds: Kimberley, nice use of color in your sky!

Erik Clark: thank you did i use the colors right

Charlotte Reynolds: Courtney, what is the red in the center of your picture? Why didnt you want to show the

clouds that you saw?

Charlotte Reynolds: Alex, I am going to your picture now.

Ron Abdouch: I think your talking about the path. I idn't want to show the clouds because I wanted to amagin

what it would look like

Charlotte Reynolds: Thats fine. nice job imaging what colors would be in the sky!

Tom Albertsen: thanks

Charlotte Reynolds: Where are the hot dogs in your picture? WHY did the kids use hot dogs for bait? Is that a

favorite food of catfish?

Tom Albertsen: It's that pink dot

Charlotte Reynolds: Alex, I like how you showed a different perspective, rather than showing the kids on the

bank, makes a very interesting image.

Tom Albertsen: thanks

Charlotte Reynolds: Alex, Ahhh, I see it now!

Tom Albertsen: do you like the fish?

Charlotte Reynolds: Laura, would you like for us to look at your picture now?

Marla Fries: Yes

Charlotte Reynolds: Laura, nice job. what did you use to make your picture? It looks like pastels.

Marla Fries: Yes, I used pastels

Charlotte Reynolds: To blend your colors, maybe try using one color, blend it with your finger, then add a

another color and blend that and so on.

Marla Fries: How could I have made my sky better?

Marla Fries: OK. Thanks

Charlotte Reynolds: Dont be afraid to make a mistake with your might like how it turns out or you

can always start over! Most artists do several attempts at a painting before they like what the image!

Marla Fries: Thanks

Tom Albertsen: OK

Charlotte Reynolds: Any other questions?

Ron Abdouch: Do you .like your job?

Erik Clark: could you look at ki'm,s again

Ron Abdouch: And Cortney's

Tom Albertsen: look at Cortney`s

Charlotte Reynolds: Yes, I do like my job!

Ron Abdouch: Have you painted any pictures?

Charlotte Reynolds: I am going back to Kims picture.

Ron Abdouch: Okay

Charlotte Reynolds: Then we will look at Courtneys again.

Ron Abdouch: Her's is very good!

Erik Clark: is my sky in the wrong order kim

Marla Fries: Kim said Yay!

Charlotte Reynolds: Did Kim have a question?

Marla Fries: Yes

Charlotte Reynolds: Kim, what do you mean by the "wrong order"?

Erik Clark: is my sky in the wrong order

Erik Clark: are the dark colors supposed to be at the bottom

Charlotte Reynolds: Generally you would start with the lighter colors closer to the sun, then go darker, but I

think you achieved an interesting affect by doing it as you did!

Erik Clark: or are the light

Erik Clark: thank you and we have to go now but it was fun and i hope to chat again

Tom Albertsen: nice meting you

Charlotte Reynolds: Did that answer Kims question? I look forward to chatting with you again!

Marla Fries: Thanks for youre time! It was really fun!Laura

Ron Abdouch: We all hgave to go back to the class room. I had fun chattin with you! BYe ! :o)

Charlotte Reynolds: You are welcome. I had fun too!

Erik Clark: bye

Charlotte Reynolds: Tom, do we have another group coming in?

Ron Abdouch: This is Tom! Thanks so much for your time. This is it for this morning's eSchool.

Charlotte Reynolds: Thanks, that went by quickly!

Ron Abdouch: The students were really remarking about how nice it was to get feedback from an art museum!

Charlotte Reynolds: Colette and Tom, thanks for your help in getting this all set up!

Ron Abdouch: Signing off. Thanks again!

Charlotte Reynolds: They did a great job. I really liked the added written text next to their art images.

Charlotte Reynolds: Thanks all.

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