Patty McArdle's Westside's Sunset Hills Elementary School, 6th Graders using Linda Leary's, Colette DeFreys's, and Donna Sorenson's eSchool accounts.

eSchool Chat/Web Push with

Kathy Turner at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Tom Albertsen:

guest1: Good morning everyone. It looks like we are all set?!

Linda Leary: Hi, kathy! You are in the red room and that is good

Linda Leary: Stay tuned for the kids. They will be here in 6 mins.

Linda Leary: BTW, this is Colette speaking

Linda Leary: I am using the name Linda Leary as a log in name

Linda Leary: We will remind the kids to take turns with their speaking.

Linda Leary: Is Charlotte around?

Linda Leary: Kathy, are you there???

guest1: Hello. I'm here

Linda Leary: Tell Charlotte to go to the classroom

guest1: Charlotte is on her way.

Linda Leary: Great! Everyone is ready on this end. We'll get the kids

Linda Leary: We'll let the kids begin. They will give yu a name of a person to click on

Linda Leary: That will bring up the image

Linda Leary: Then you all can chat

Linda Leary: hi im derek lets look at my picture

guest1: good moring derek. Let me pull up your picture

Colette deFrey: ok

guest1: derek, you have a foreground, middle ground and background in your picture. did you plan it this way?

Linda Leary: how do you think i cauld make my picture more reallistic?

Linda Leary: yep

Linda Leary: i drew what i saw when i was standing there

guest1: I think there are parts of your picture that are based on observation. But what about the background


guest1: what shapes do the real trees have?

Linda Leary: those were there at the park

guest1: was there a sun set at the park or was that from your imagination?

Linda Leary: ummm... they have more of a gaged triangle shape

Linda Leary: i made that up

guest1: wow. can you tell me why you decided to includ it?

Linda Leary: now it is pauls turn

Colette deFrey: Hi I'm Paul Williams and let's pull up my pic

Linda Leary: i thought it would make it look beter

Linda Leary: its pauls turn bye

Colette deFrey: what do you think??

guest1: Paul, i think it is interesting you used the geese for balance. did you see geese at the park?

Colette deFrey: No

Colette deFrey: those are Canadian geese

guest1: you drew them to really look like they are flying. Now do you think we could see anything reflected in

the water, the canoe, sun, geese?

Colette deFrey: Yes we could but I did not have any time too

Linda Leary: i think i could do that to mine too this is derek

Colette deFrey: I think my picture is bluery

guest1: reflection are important to include when we draw water to make it look more like water that has a

shiney surface and almost always reflects things

guest1: what's blueny?

Colette deFrey: OOPS

Colette deFrey: blurry

Colette deFrey: i mean

guest1: do you like it blury?

Colette deFrey: no

guest1: what media did you use for this picture?

Colette deFrey: I like shapere edges

Colette deFrey: pastels

Donna Sorensen: hi im jackie and i'm next

Colette deFrey: ok i'm done

guest1: nice talking to you paul. Hello jackie

Donna Sorensen: hello

Colette deFrey: what is that pole

Linda Leary: i think hers is nice

Colette deFrey: so

Donna Sorensen: its a fishing pole

guest1: this is an interesting picture. very peaceful but also mysterious with a ghost fishing?

Donna Sorensen: the fishing pole is actually stock in the ground

guest1: your picture is thought-provoking!!

Donna Sorensen: why do you think that

guest1: why is it stuck in the ground? where is the fisherman, when will he/she return? it's already sunset...

guest1: what if he/she catches a fish? will the ducks eat it?

Linda Leary: i like the sky

Donna Sorensen: he went to get more bait

guest1: very good job jac kie!!

Donna Sorensen: thankyou

Colette deFrey: This is Colette - our next group is on the way

guest1: Thanks colette. I'm enjoying this.]

Colette deFrey: Good, so are the kids.

Colette deFrey: Here is the new group!!!! Get ready!

Linda Leary: hi i am travis

guest1: hi travis

Linda Leary: have you gone to the travis picture yet

guest1: you seem very interested in this deer. It is the main subject of your picture

Linda Leary: yes it is

guest1: what did you think about when you were drawing it?

Linda Leary: i was thinking about the way they move and how quite they were when they move

Linda Leary: they are so gracful

guest1: the way you have drawn the body shape looks like he is ready to leap away from screaming kids! was

the deer afraid?

Linda Leary: yes i think he/she was afraid when they screamed

guest1: I see you also included a habitat. Do you have any more ideas to include in the deer's surroundings?

Linda Leary: yes more somewhat like trees in the picture

Colette deFrey: hello, I'm Claire. let's go to my picture

guest1: ok!

Linda Leary: hi clair

Colette deFrey: hi

guest1: sounds like you made some "artistic choices" in your pic. Why did you decide to make a straight


Colette deFrey: I guess it was just a bit easier for me

Linda Leary: i like how you used the triangle method in your picture

Colette deFrey: I did ?

Linda Leary: ya

guest1: claire, what kind of feeling or idea do you want us to have with your picture?

Linda Leary: it was how you made your path and your landscape and your sky

Colette deFrey: I guess a peaceful type feeling

guest1: now tell me if and where you did some blending with the pastels

Colette deFrey: I did do blending.Mostly where the colors change

guest1: The sky color transition softly. Keep up the good work claire!

Linda Leary: i saw the trees did have a bit more leaves

Colette deFrey: Yeah, but i couldn't seem to draw leaves

Linda Leary: okay

Colette deFrey: do u have any tips for me

Colette deFrey: maybe blending?

guest1: Claire, you can learn to draw better and better. Continue to accept challenges of trees and paths and

perspective. Look carefully to draw what you see.

Colette deFrey: okay

guest1: good luck!!

Colette deFrey: i have 2 go bye!

Linda Leary: well i think it his time for us to go

Linda Leary: bye

guest1: i enjoyed chatting with you very much. have a good day!

Donna Sorensen: hi my name is max

Donna Sorensen: lets take a look at my picture

guest1: ok!

Donna Sorensen: thanks

Donna Sorensen: how do u like iti

Donna Sorensen: t was sort of hard drawing the sunset

Donna Sorensen: can u drw sunsets good?

Colette deFrey: Max I like your sunset!

Donna Sorensen: thanks allison

Donna Sorensen: u r a nice cousin

Colette deFrey: thanks Max

Donna Sorensen: welcome

guest1: max what would you change about you sunset if you could?

Donna Sorensen: i would make more light spots instead of alot of blue

Donna Sorensen: it is to dark

guest1: sunsets are beautiful but hard to draw huh?

Donna Sorensen: yeah

Donna Sorensen: exactly

Colette deFrey: Max I like your geese !!!!

Donna Sorensen: in real life the colors blend in really nice and it is hard to draw

Donna Sorensen: thanks!

guest1: often it is easier to think what the LIGHT of the sun is doing to the sky. Yah. geese look like they are

talking to each other?!

Donna Sorensen: hahaha

guest1: where are the people who are going canoeing?

Donna Sorensen: i didnt draw them

Donna Sorensen: it was too hard

guest1: why not?

Donna Sorensen: so i made it night time and all the kids r inside

guest1: leaving the lake and the sunset for the geese to enjoy by themselves?!

Donna Sorensen: thanksCathy

Donna Sorensen: T2UL

Colette deFrey: Hi I am Allison lets look at my picture next

guest1: oK!

Colette deFrey: What is your favorite part of my pic.?

Donna Sorensen: your picture is really colorful

Donna Sorensen: i like it

guest1: the first thing I noticed was that the sky looks on fire!

Colette deFrey: thank you1

Colette deFrey: !

Donna Sorensen: welcome

guest1: did you blend the colors you used?

Colette deFrey: ya

guest1: I can tell. tell me why you used so many greens for your grass?

Colette deFrey: If you could change one thing in my picture what would it be?

Donna Sorensen: :-)

Colette deFrey: I thought it would look more realistc

Colette deFrey: :0)

guest1: i enjoy looking at your picture

Colette deFrey: thank you

Colette deFrey: If you could change one thing in my picture what would it be?

Linda Leary: I especially like the way the river looks almost swollen over its banks.

Colette deFrey: thanks!

guest1: why only one tree?

Colette deFrey: i have more in the picture but they cut it off

Colette deFrey: This is not my whole picture

guest1: ok, understand.

Linda Leary: we have time for one more comment or qustions

guest1: do you think the trees would have a shadow from the sun shining behind it?

Colette deFrey: ya probably but i am not that talented

Linda Leary: OK, thanks, Kathy, but time is up. The kids need to get back to class.

Donna Sorensen: c ya

Linda Leary: Thanks for the great comments!

guest1: I don't believe that!! Keep up the good work everyone!

Colette deFrey: Thank you bye

Colette deFrey: have a nice day

guest1: Thank you. Take care, K


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